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Feel great! - Restore your health, Reach & maintain your healthy weight & Reclaim your energy Naturally!
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Jeannette Scapens – Holistic Women’s Wellness Naturopath, Metabolic Balance Wellness/Weight Loss Coach, NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner & Coach



Feel Great! Restore your health, reach & maintain your healthy weight, Reclaim your energy Naturally!


NOW offering effective & simple techniques of HYPNOSIS/NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING & TIME LINE(R) THERAPY to help you break through your mindset blocks & barriers to make lasting changes at the unconscious level to reach your health goals quickly!

You’re in the prime of your life and maybe you have been caring for others, children & now aging parents.

Perhaps you are feeling tired, exhausted and stressed with all your responsibilities.

You may feel like your hormones are starting to change and you have let your own health slide.

You may have gained some weight and even though you try to eat healthy & exercise regualrly the weight won’t budge!

Maybe your Doctor has told you that you must lose some weight as you are overweight & have or are heading for chronic health conditions such as : raised blood sugar levels (insulin resistance), raised cholesterol or raised liver enzymes.

Maybe you have been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid which is just downright zapping your energy.

Maybe your hormones are causing all sorts of unpleasant symptoms & you prefer a natural approach (other than HRT) to balancing your hormones & stopping unpleasant symptoms?

Maybe this has left you confused with all the generic diets out there which can be a bit hit & miss as to whether they work or not (after all we are all different with our own genetic tendancies and what works for one peron may not work for another person.

Maybe you have tried a diet already without success or even resorted to diet shakes and medication or even had gastric surgery but the weight just returns!

Isn’t it time that you got your health back on track?


Don’t let poor energy, stress, poor sleep, hot flushes, feeling hot, mood swings, aches & pains, and that all too common thickening waistline hold you back from feeling and looking fabulous!

Let me empower  & support you with the tools and knowledge to feel vital and energetic & feel good about yourself again once more, along with lasting postive mindset to achieve your health goals.

Many women’s health issues can be effectively addressed with simple diet and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements and herbal medicines. Herbal remedies are personalised to address all your health concerns in one bottle.

With additonal Practitioner training & certification (under one of Australia’s top thyroid Naturopaths) I am able to help optimize your thyroid function & support you to feel great again! It is possible!

I have used naturopathy in my own life, with great success, bringing a chronic autoimmune underactive thyroid condition (Hashimotos) into remission, releasing excess weight and alleviating perimenopause symptoms.

I have helped many women to restore their health and reach their healthy weight, reclaim their energy and feel great again!

I am passionate about supporting  you to reclaim your health and quality of life, through a personalised holistic treatment plan, tailored especially to you.

If you are ready to commit to making the necessary changes to become the best version of YOU I am committed to supporting you to achieve your health goals!

Let me support and empower YOU!

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Holistic Women’s Wellness Naturopath Jeannette Scapens Has Additional training & Experience With:

Personalised Nutrition Weight Loss Program
Thyroid Recovery & Peri/Menopause.
Hypnosis & positive mindset techniques for making lasting healthful changes!

Work With Me

Naturopathy can assist with:

Skin conditions, like acne, psoriasis and eczema;

Digestive/Gut issues; High cholesterol;

Hormonal imbalance and thyroid disorders;

Menopause and peri-menopause symptoms;

Autoimmune conditions eg. Hashimotos autoimmune thyroiditis Graves;

Chronic stress and adrenal exhaustion;

Insulin Resistance and Type-2 diabetes;

Sleep disorders; Poor immunity;

Mood disorders, like anxiety and depression.

Metabolic Balance Personalised Nutrition Program for Wellness & Weight Loss

Success Stories

Click here to see & read other Metabolic Balance client testimonials

Ilca reveals her fantastic weight loss of 13kg in 15 weeks on her personalised nutrition plan

Jeannette before, and 16kg down, after four months on the Metabolic Balance program

Carolyn’s psoriasis improved greatly, after following her personalised nutrition plan for two weeks

Metabolic Balance: Personalised Nutrition for Optimal Health. Feel great & lose weight!

A simple comprehensive blood test is the key to regaining your health!

Reset your metabolism, re-balance your hormones & blood sugar, reclaim your energy, reduce inflammation, and release excess weight with this simple, transformative program.

The Metabolic Balance program is like no other ‘diet’! Your comprehensive blood test, along with body measurements, food likes & dislikes & your healthy weight goal is used to create your unique personal nutrition plan to get body systems working optimally with personalised optimum nutrition. The side benefit is excess weight is released as inflammation is reduced with eating good healthy foods that are right for you!

Click here to see & read Metabolic Balance client testimonials 

To gain a better understanding of this effective program & what it involves click on the link below & you will be taken  to my Metabolic Balance Program page on my website!

Read one client’s happy testimonial, after she released 10.5 kilograms and achieved her goal weight, following her personalised Metabolic Balance plan for only 9 weeks:

“I am pleased with my results and can’t believe just how much better I’m feeling. I recommend this diet to anyone and a big thanks to Jeannette for her support”.

Christine has almost reached her goal weight and says:

“I haven’t felt this good in years . I would recommend Jeannette and the Metabolic Balance® programme. I had debilitating hot flushes and weight gain especially around my midriff. MB targets all the right places and corrects imbalances internally which in turn make you feel fabulous, lots of energy and wonderful sleep. There is no magic pill, you need to be motivated and disciplined but the results speak for themselves . Thank you Jeannette for all your support.”

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