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Naturopath and Metabolic Balance® wellness and weight loss coach

Hi Im Jeannette Scapens qualified Naturopath and certified Metabolic Balance® Wellness and Weight Loss Nutritional Programme Coach.

I am passionate about supporting and empowering women in their prime to achieving better health, more energy, reach a healthy weight and to feel better again!

Although I can help with any health condition Weight Loss, Peri- menopause and thyroid are my specialities!

Using a holistic approach I can help support you to lead your best life possible!

Consultations are available in person at my clinic in Brighton South Australia or Online.

I am a qualified Naturopath (Advanced Diploma Naturopathy), Certified Metabolic Balance® Nutritional and Weight Loss Practitioner, Certified Theta Healing Practitioner, Member of Complementary Medicines Association, B.A. Library Studies, wife and mother of 2 grown sons.


My personal health struggles drew me to natural medicine which helped me greatly improve mine and my family’s health eventually leading me to study Naturopathy. Since having children I have been an avid user of natural medicines as it gave us more control over our health when sick.

I too have struggled with weight since having my children as I was always lacking energy and looking for a quick energy fix with carb laden foods.

My health issues led me to study Naturopathy to find the answers and heal myself. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately I discovered while having my blood tests for my personalized Metabolic Balance nutritonal plan that I had undiagnosed Hashimotos hypothyroidism which had led to a gradual significant weight gain (over 20kg) and had caused other symptoms of ill health for me. At least I knew the cause and I addressed it successfully with my personalized Metabolic Balance plan and other nutritional/herbal supplements.

As my clients usually list weight loss as one of their top 3 health goals I searched for the best Practitioner only Weight Loss programme, with scientific backing of 25 yrs, to train in and do myself and now offer to my clients.

It gives fabulous health restoring and weight loss results by eating good healthy foods that are right for you, based on your metabolic biochemistry, gained through a blood test looking at 36 metabolic parameters.

I have achieved great results releasing 17kg in 5 months and have maintained my weight loss within a kg or 2 since October 2018. This is what I love about Metabolic Balance® as you are also taught how to maintain your weight loss! See my photos and 2 of my clients!  My clients rave about their results too! See the testimonials on my home page!


Naturopathy is an individualised holistic approach using natural medicines to support the body so it can heal itself, which is what it is designed to do. This is done with herbs, good foods and sometimes additonal nutritional supplement, flower essences , tissue salts and homeopathics, along with some lifestyle changes. Our bodies have an innate ability/life force to want to be healthy but unfortunately the way we live, foods we eat, environment, genetics and stress of modern life impacts and brings disharmony or ‘dis -ease”. Given the right tools of herbs, good clean food, nutrients, rest, exercise, sunlight and emotional support we can get to the root cause and remove obstructions to health and bring the body back to balance thereby restoring health and improving our quality of life.


Apart from offering the effective Metabolic Balance® Nutritonal Programme for Wellness and Weight Loss (side benefit) which is only available to  Practitioners such as myself to gain extra knowledge and certification on the intracies of weight loss due to metabolic imbalances, I have a special interest in helping women with the often debilitating changes leading into menopause, by offering a holistic individualised treatment.

Thyroid issues are also an area I have a special interest in as I have auto immune Hashimotos hypothyroidism, which I have been able to successfully manage with my own personalized Metabolic Balance® plan along with lifestyle changes and nutritional/herbal medicine support. I have recently completed additional Thyroid practitioner knowledge and certification as its an area that is often misunderstood and overlooked (in bloods tests as within range) however as Naturopaths we know that a TSH level over 2.0 is a labouring thyroid and needs urgent additional nutritional support to bring it back to balance along with some herbal medicine and lifestyle changes.

However, I am passionate about helping people with any health condition or chronic disease.

I also utilize Biocompatibility testing with the Hair 500 test which is particularly effective for gut and skin issues and really any health issue. It is a dietary plan that lists all the foods that are incompatible with you (listed in red), based on your hair test. A revised dietary plan is recommended with the allowed (compatible) foods in black. Great results have been experienced with many health issues resolving within as little as 2-4 weeks, however for complete healing following your allowed foods list can bring about lasting change if followed for up to 6 months.

I am also a qualified Metabolic Balance® nutritional and weight loss programme Coach offering this unique practitioner only personalized nutritional plan as individual as you. This health and life transforming program can give you more energy, resets the metabolism thereby rebalancing hormones, balances cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, reducing aches and pains (often caused by inflammation), improves sleep and skin, reduces allergy symptoms and releases excess weight! Your diet plan is unique to you based on your blood test and your metabolism to maximize results! Its particularly effective for those that have insulin resistance and that stubborn abdominal fat that wont budge. You will be amazed at how good you will feel and the results you can achieve! I had amazing results releasing 13kg in 10 weeks! (Total of 17kg in 5 months).

I am also a certified Basic/advanced and Intuitive anatomy Theta Healing practitioner. Please see services section for more detail on the above services I provide.

I look forward to helping you and your family improve your health and lead a better quality of life!

A personalized Metabolic Balance® dietary program can work wonders for you too!

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