Amy’s testimonial

Amy’s testimonial –  “The best thing for me is I’m feeling so much better”

Amy came to me last June feeling quite poorly with low energy, a long term chronic gut issue, high inflammation levels in her body along with subclinical hypothyroidsm. If you think of inflammation simplistically as a swollen cell which impedes substances getting in and out of your cells, which make up our tissues and organs and therefore impacts how our whole body functions it’s pretty important to get inflammation under control! This is why I love Metabolic Balance! It uses your unique metabolic Biochemistry (gained from a comprehensive blood test) to work out which healthy whole foods at the right amounts and right times to bring her body back to balance! Its so great! Amy managed to overhaul her eating this way so that she could feel energized to manage her busy business much better. Amy released 6kg excess weight as a side benefit!

Amy says: I am “so grateful that I got introduced to Jeannette! She is friendly, helpful, professional and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to anyone! Amy reported at the end of her 12 week program that her headaches have improved, along with less aches and pains, much better energy, improved sleep, less reflux and able to reduce medication (with her Drs guidance), has more balanced hormones, able to exercise more, reduced stress and moods and she highly recommends the program!

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