Before my Metabolic Balance plan “I used to eat a block of chocolate a day!”

I am so happy for my client who I support via video link consultations! She has done so well on her Metabolic Balance Personalised nutrition plan releasing an amazing 21.5kg in 11 weeks! My client has a health condition (PCOS) which is a hormonal imbalance and very much insulin resistant, which means that it is difficult to keep blood sugar levels balanced and weight can accumulate very quickly. Along with autoimmune underactive thyroid condition (Hashimotos) and feeling quite unwell, lacking energy to keep up with her young family she thought that this was what the rest of her life would be like! Eating a block of chocolate a day just to get some energy was a common event. But now she knows what foods are personally right for her, how much to eat & when to eat to bring her body back to balance & feeling great again as her nutrition plan is based on her unique metabolic biochemistry to really get results for her! If you have PCOS or Hashimotos get in touch and see how I can help you also achieve your health and weight loss goals with your own Metabolic Balance Personalised Nutrition Program & live your best life too! In clinic at Brighton SA or telehealth video link Australia wide! . . . #pcosweightloss #weightlossjourney #hashimotosweightloss @metabolic_balance @metabolicbalanceanz

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