Cheryl’s testimonial

Well done Cheryl on achieving better health and your goal weight!
Down 10kg in 14 weeks on her Metabolic Balance Personalised nutrition plan.
Down 13 years In metabolic age
Down 7.5cm on waist
Down 13cm on hips
Down 5.5cm on thighs.
Better cholesterol levels, blood sugar balance, normalized thyroid and more.
Cheryl now has the knowledge to know how to support her body to feel great and maintain her goal weight with the best possible foods and which foods she should avoid.
Cheryl said to me that she can now wear all her lovely clothes In her wardrobe again!
She can now look forward to a healthier future!
“I am extremely happy with my Metabolic Balance journey and am so happy to have dropped weight along with improved sleep and lower stress levels. Jeannette’s program was very helpful and she provided much appreciated support”.
Cheryl S.

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