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“I have known Jeannette since a teenager and was very interested in Jeannette’s work with Balanced Health Naturally and weight loss. Unfortunately I waited 12 months before I made an appointment to see her. I was impressed at my first meeting and the lengths Jeannette went to explain the process and her encouragement to get started. I was determined to be positive and carried on with the knowledge that Jeannette was only a phone call away. I was lucky to have a good variety of food and found that the weight FINALLY began to drop off. As this happened my self esteem grew, I felt so much better and now further down the track I have more energy. This has helped me in my jazz dance classes. My dance teacher has also commented on my new energy levels. My friends are commenting on how well I look and notice the weight loss. This gives you the motivation to keep sticking to your plan. I have no hesitation in recommending Jeannette to discuss your issues and goals. She has so much to offer and is only too willing to assist you. Don’t wait, just make that appointment”.


“I haven’t been able to lose weight in 5 yrs due to thyroid, age and metobolic problems. I am so pleased to of met Jeannette who helped me step by step to get to where I want to be. She is very good in getting back to you straight away with any answer to your question. Very, very pleased so far. Still on the journey but feel positive in getting there. Within 2 weeks I felt like all my joint pain, that I thought was old age, at 47šŸ™„ was melting away. My aim was to lose weight but all the other symptoms like tiredness, aching joints, anxiety, low energy is disappearing. It’s great, I don’t want to go back. When I feel like going back to bad eating habits I do remind myself how I so don’t want to have those symptoms back. So that’s my drive. I do feel like I’m living now. Thanks Jeannette for your help, knowledge and patience with me on this journey” by Tracey

“Jeannette was very supportive and provided a great form of support through the facebook group with recipes & inspirational quotes to spur us on. This process was a great education on what works for my body. The diet was great as you could create a variety of meals unlike other programs that go on repeat & become tedious. I feel healthier & have the confidence I will be able to maintain my healthy weight”. Update June 2019- “I still 60kg! I’ve kept it off for 6 months now! Thanks for all your support in changing my eating habits to a healthier and specific way for better health!”
“I found Jeannette through a mutual friend &Ā  I decided to sign up for a Metabolic Balance program at the end of September. I wasn’t feeling the best,Ā  tired, fat & lots of joint pain, full of anxiety & stress. Within 2 weeks of starting my personalised Metabolic Balance program I had lost a couple of kgs & my anxiety was gone, my joint pain had reduced & I was feeling a lot more energetic. So far I have lost almost 9 kgs & I’m feeling great. Jeannette has been super attentive & followed up with everything I have asked & has been very helpful with suggestions for meals. She has also been instrumental in changing my mindset & the way I look at food. I highly recommend Jeannette & the Metabolic Balance program”.

Congratulations to Kathie who has reached the 10 week mark on her personalised Metabolic Balance Ā®ļø Nutritonal Programme!
Kathie is down 12kg in the 10weeks!
Down 9cm on her waist
Down 9cm on her hips
Down 5cm on her thighsĀ 
Hereā€™s Kathieā€™s testimonial for her first 10 weeks on her personalized nutrition plan
(Over half way to her goal weight she chose at the start of her journey).
ā€œSince starting my Metabolic Balance plan Iā€™ve seen my health greatly improve.
Allergies have cleared,
my skin is clearer,
and Ā Iā€™m jumping out of bed in the morning with loads of energy which allows me to keep up with my kids.
The plan is easy to follow. Jeannette provides heaps of support and I have lost heaps of weight!
It is exactly the kind of kickstart I needed to regain my health!ā€
Kathie has been battling Hashimotoā€™s (autoimmune hypothyroidism) for many years and by following her personalized Metabolic BalanceĀ®ļøĀ Nutriton plan, along with some nutritional/ herbal supplements, she is able to avoid taking medication.
This is because her personalised plan is based on HER unique metabolic biochemistry gained form a blood test, also taking into account all her health conditions & symptoms, measurements etc to make her plan unique to her for effective results.
It gets all the body systems working well again – resets metabolism, balances hormones, addresses raised insulin and blood pressure, cholesterol, particularly reduces INFLAMMATION and as a side benefit EXCESS WEIGHT is RELEASED!
Well done Kathie


“I was struggling with a sluggish thyroid” (having been recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and prescribed Thyroxine). I was “exercising like crazy but struggling to lose any weight. I was also finding it difficult to get 8 hours sleep a night. Jeannette introduced me to my personalized Metabolic BalanceĀ® plan which changed my life! This programme informs you of which foods best fit your body. I have been following my Metabolic BalancedĀ® plan for almost a year now and have lost 12 kg and have kept it off! I am full of energy as my body has had a reboot and is loving it!” As a bonus I no longer need to take my Thyroxine medication! “Jeannette has been a great support to me through this entire journey. If you are suffering from a sluggish body, feeling tired all the time please give the Metabolic BalanceĀ® program a go! Its tailored to your body.
” I havenā€™t felt this good in years. I would recommend Jeannette and the Metabolic balanceĀ® program. I had debilitating hot flushes and weight gain especially around my midriff. MB targets all the right places and corrects imbalances internally which in turn make you feel fabulous, lots of energy and wonderful sleep. There is no magic pill, you need to be motivated and disciplined but the results speak for themselves . Thank you Jeannette for all your support”
Hey Jeannette I just wanted to give you a big shout out, I am so excited and motivated by the results of the Metabolic BalanceĀ® program. I’ve only been on it 6 days and already I have lost 3 kg and 3 cms off my waist, I can hardly believe it! But as you know my weight loss goal is relatively small, my main goal is to feel great, and I am blown away by how much better I feel. The biggest change is the reduction of inflammation in my body. My hands were so swollen I could not get my wedding ring off.. after 3 days it slipped off!!! Now after 6 days my feet and hands fell like they used to . I am really surprised by how easy the plan is to follow. I like the foods I’m allowed and I am not hungry in between, in fact I do not always need my portion allowances. Thank you for your support and guidance. Watching your personal transformation has also been an inspiration!!!

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