Fresh Start 30-Day Whole Food Challenge

A refreshed, vibrant you in 30 days

Get a taste for eating only fresh, healthy whole foods and notice how much better your feel in your body and mind! Your body will thank you with more energy to get through your busy day and better sleep!

Ditch the processed foods, sugar and alcohol that burden your body and hold you back from living a full, vibrant life.

Regain energy, power up your liver (the body’s major detox organ), release excess weight (approx 2-3 kg) and reset your body after overindulging over the festive season.


What price would you put on your health and feeling good?

The Fresh Start 30-Day Whole Food Challenge is packed with value and will set you on course for an energised, healthful life. For a small one-time investment of $49.00, you’ll receive:

  • A 7-day meal plan, shopping lists and tips for success;
  • The Mindful Eating e-book;
  • The Positive Mindset e-book;
  • Access to our members-only facebook group, where you can access the above downloads and receive ongoing support;
  • Ongoing access to me, Jeannette, a qualified and practised naturopath – ask questions and receive personalised support through the Facebook group;
  • A Facebook Live group chat, each Monday night at 8pm ACDST, where I’ll check in with you, answer questions and share advice for your ongoing success. You’ll be able to access a replay if you miss a session, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to receive live support.

Join now for a one-time investment of $49.00

Shake off tired, old habits and transform your health

A positive mindset is vital for good health and successful weight loss. We are constantly bombarded with unhealthy food choices and must learn to be vigilant in choosing healthful options to safeguard our wellbeing.

It might seem hard to shake off unhealthy habits, but the Fresh 30 program will help you to do just that!

Fuel your body with healthy, whole food and reap the rewards  – a long, healthy future and a zest for life.

The 7-Day Meal Plan recipes cater for two people, so you can refrigerate or freeze the leftovers for another day, or get a partner or friend on board with the challenge.

It’s a great motivator to do the challenge with someone you’re close to and benefit from each other’s encouragement but, of course, you’ll receive boundless encouragement from myself and your fellow Fresh 30 members.


Copy and paste the following link in facebook to join the private facebook group to download your Fresh start plan and other downloads and also receive support after payment. https://www.facebook.com/groups/459524524761690/?ref=group_header

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