Find the foods which are right for you and finally get rid of uncomfortable gut symptoms like bloating, pain and constipation!

Do you suffer from uncomfrotable gut symptoms which are ruling your life and making you downright miserable, fearing your next meal? This was what Grace & Eliza were living on a daily basis!

Here’s what Grace had to say: “I am extremely grateful for the help and advice that Jeannette has provided me! I have had severe gut pain, constipation and bloating for a number of years and was unable to get the help that I needed from elsewhere – within 2 appointments with Jeannette, including the Hair Biocompatibility Analysis – she has changed my life! I now know exactly the foods that I can and cannot have. I have been able to enjoy my relationship with food again and am much more confident in the body that I’m in. Highly recommend!”

Here’s what Eliza had to say: “Jeannette has saved me from years of horrible bloating. After seeing Jeannette I’ve learnt so much about my body and the foods that are right for me. Through doing a hair analysis, we were able to identify foods and products that cause my symptoms. During the process Jeannette has gone above and beyond to make sure I’m well and healthy. Throughout this process I’ve learnt new ways to cook meals that are suitable for me. In conclusion overall I feel 10 times better within my self and built more confidence and improved my immunity with treating my body with the right foods and supplements. I wouldn’t hold back from seeing her, I highly recommend!”

At at an  intial comprehensive consult I take a thorough health history, current symptoms, along with physical assessment of irises (coloured part of the eyes), tongue, nails. I then work out a treatment plan going forward to help improve quality of life and reduce symptoms working on the root issues.

Often I recommend the Hair 500 biocompatility analysis. A small matchstick sized hair sample is sent off to laboraties in Queensland where it is tested against 600 everyday foods, drinks and products. This simple but amazing tool helps to pinpoint which foods are causing problems for my clients by checking for biocompatibility at the celllular level. Basically this means that it picks up the foods which are causing irritation to the cells at a cellular level. A full report is given. Simply by removing the offending foods, drinks and products (listed in red) from your diet for a period of 6 months will bring healing to body relieving unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, pain, constipation etc. Foods, drinks and products listed in black are fine to keep having. Adjusting a 7 day meal plan to only allowed foods, drinks and products will help to bring about a big change to how you feel and live your best life like you should!

Get empowered and take charge of your health!

For more information visit the Hair Biocompatibility analysis page on my website.

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