Hair Analysis

A Biocompatibility hair test finds out which foods and personal/cleaning products are compatible with you at a cellular level.

Do you have skin or gut issues or you are just not feeling great?

Wouldn’t you like to know what foods and products are causing distress to your body at a cellular level and causing you health symptoms?

Take the guess work out of problematic foods and products for YOU by doing this simple analysis!

A small hair sample (don’t worry if your hair is coloured as that doesn’t affect the results) is taken and sent to the labs for analysis in Qld and a 16 page report is generated which lists allowed foods in black and foods and products to avoid in red. Its that simple!

While your hair is being tested you fill out a typical 7 day meal plan for you which we then go through.

At your return consult I go through your results and help you to create a 7 day balanced meal plan from the allowed foods and if required additional Naturopathic support.

By avoiding the offending foods (shown in red) for 4 weeks my clients often see a 75% improvement of their symptoms but it is best to continue for 6 months to obtain complete healing whereby you can start slowly to reintroduce offending foods etc one by one and see if your body has no symptoms from it anymore.

I’ve had some great success stories with one young woman’s rash on her face gong within 2 weeks just by avoiding foods in red.

Another clients gut symptoms have disappeared within 4 weeks!

To find out how this effective test can work for you book me for a free 15 minute phone consult via the ‘book consult now’ button or phone me on 0439828669 for a free no obligation chat.

Cost is $250 for testing and 16 page report and help to make changes to your current meals and products.

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