Hair Analysis

Do you have problem skin or poor digestion, or simply don’t feel your best?


Certain foods and household products could be affecting your body at a cellular level, causing uncomfortable symptoms.

Take the guesswork out of problem foods and products with this simple tool, suitable for all ages and hair types, even coloured hair.

A small sample of your hair is lab-analysed, generating a list of five hundred food and household items, telling you which are compatible and which are incompatible with your body.

I ask that you complete a 7-day food diary, which we go through together, once your results have returned from the lab.

At your return consult, we go through your results together and develop a balanced weekly meal plan from compatible foods. I provide additional naturopathic support to ease the transition, as needed.

Clients often see a marked improvement in their symptoms, after only four weeks avoiding incompatible foods and substances, which are listed in red on the report.

It is best to avoid your red list for six months, giving the body a chance to repair fully. Then, you can begin to reintroduce red items, one at a time, to determine if you can tolerate them.

Biocompatibility hair testing has produced excellent results in my practise: one woman’s facial rash disappeared after cutting out her red list for two weeks and another client’s gut symptoms disappeared within four weeks.

To learn more about biocompatibility testing and how it can benefit you, please book your free, 15-minute phone consult with me, Jeannette, via the ‘book now’ button. Or, phone me on 0439828669 for a free, no-obligation chat.

An investment of $250 includes specialised lab testing and your personalised 16-page report.

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