Help for Hormone Imbalance Peri/Menopause focus

Help for Hormone Imbalance  Peri/Menopause focus is here!

Are you sick and tired of feeling ‘sick and tired’, having no energy to do the things you used to love to do, feeling bloated and heavy and not your true self anymore?

Well, there is no need to suffer anymore!

Natural Medicines are a great way to alleviate and work with your body to address your hormone imbalance, alleviate peri/menopause symptoms and restore health getting to the root cause.

Herbs are an ideal way to rebalance your hormones and your body and treat the symptoms of hot flushes, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, irregular heavy bleeding, diminished libido and other associated issues.

Help for Hormone Imbalance and Peri-Menopause

What action can you take to make a difference in your daily life to address your hormone imbalance and peri/menopause symptoms?

From the age of 35 our sex hormones start to change with progesterone levels dropping thereby causing a relative oestrogen dominance (Progesterone helps to keep us calm and feel good). This is often the start of when unplesant hormonal imbalance symptoms start to be noticed. Then 7 years before menopause (12 months of no period, typically occurring age 51) brings unpleasant symptoms (hot flushes, night sweats, bloating, weight gain, insomnia, anxiety etc. see photo list of 40 symptoms).

Herbs known as adaptogens are particularly useful for balancing hormones. “They increase the resistance to physical, environmental, emotional or biological stressors, and restore normal physiological function to the body. They are also known as ‘whole body tonics'” (Hechtman, L. , Clincial Naturopathic Medicine, Elsevier, Sydney, 2012, p 140).

Chaste tree berry is one of the best herbs to help balance the sex hormones at the root level. I can blend a liquid herbal prescription specific to your needs, addressing all health concerns in the one prescription!

Alternatively, I have a very effective practitioner only supplement in a tablet herbal formula that works a treat in reducing unpleasant menopausal symptoms of hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety, insomnia etc. effectively.

Other steps and actions you can take in your daily life to help address hormone imbalance and peri/menopause symptoms include:

  • Improving your diet,
  • Avoiding plastics and other xenooestrogenic products found in personal care, cleaning products and make up
  • Taking supplements of vitamins and minerals (such as B vitamins) can help your body cope with the stressors of modern life and regulate hormones. Magnesium is essential for all body cells to function and make energy. Unfortunately most people are depleted of this essential mineral.
  • Flower essences are a gentle way of helping us emotionally rebalance.
  • Tissue salts/mineral celloids are also a gentle way to aid any minor subtle mineral deficiencies.
  • Lifestyle measures such as meditation/mindfulness can be easily learnt to help you cope better.

Often at this time women experience a thickening of their waist and tend to diet harder and exercise harder.

This is not the answer!

You need to treat your body with respect as it is going through changes. Your ovaries are not producing as many sex hormones and the adrenals have to take up the slack. As the adrenals function to help us in times of stress and danger they will easily get depleted and you will get worn out quicker and not cope as well with everyday stressors.

Therefore the best exercise at this stage is nice long walks and 2-3 sessions of weight bearing exercises to keep the metabolism going longer.

Take the time to practice meditation/mindfulness or have an afternoon nap if you really need one. Your body will thank you with renewed energy!

I highly recommend doing a Metabolic Balance personalised dietary plan to help with Hormone Imbalance and reduce your peri-menopause symptoms.

This effective nutritional program created just for you, is based on your blood test results (your unique metabolic biochemistry) to help reset metabolism, hormones, cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, inflammation. It will give you back your energy too!

I have done the program myself and am feeling fantastic. 

While it addressed some health issues I had, I also released excess weight (7.8kg down in 5 weeks, 13 kg down in 10 weeks, currently down 17kg in 5 months). It’s getting to the root cause (removing inflammatory foods) and restoring your health eating real healthy food that right for you (based on your blood tests).​

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