Janine’s testimonial

Janine came to me for help after trying many ways to lose weight but being unable to do so for 30 years due to having an underactive thyroid. She had been literally flogging herself at the gym with no shift in her weight. Janine has now managed to release 13kg and 29cm from her body!
 Her Inflammation markers are down dramatically, cholesterol and blood pressure has reduced, she doesn’t need to take anti-reflux meds anymore! Together we discovered that the exercise she was doing was causing her body stress, inflaming and raising her cortisol levels which in turn made her body hang onto her excess weight. Janine changed to walks & weight resistance classes along with eating the right healthy whole foods at the right time and right amounts for her unique metabolic biochemistry!
Janine also learnt that by following her truly Personalized Metabolic Balance nutrition plan, tailored from her unique metabolic biochemistry (gained from a comprehensive blood test, her health conditions and health goals) for her unique metabolic biochemistry was the solution!  This is why I love Metabolic Balance because it’s scientifically proven to work! Janine now has good energy and wakes refreshed after sleep, her reflux and bloating has gone! . Janine is rediscovering her wardrobe of lovely clothes she couldn’t fit into before starting her plan. Here’s what Janine had to say about her Metabolic Balance journey: “I have tried almost every diet going. Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Shakes, fasting. Every time I saw a different Doctor they all had their own ideas. I needed to find someone who understood about an under active Thyroid gland and then I found Jeannette. Jeannette has been amazing, so supportive through my journey and worked with me when my weight stalled etc. I will still be watching my weight but I have at last found a diet/way of life that suits me. Thanks Jeannette” client Janine  If you are struggling with stubborn weight book a free 15 minute phone discovery consult (via the book now button on my website) to learn how it can work for you too! In clinic or online Australia-wide

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