Jan’s great results on her Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition program

Well done Jan!
Down 11.6kg in 12 weeks on her Metabolic Balance Personalised Nutrition Program.
Jan says she wishes she had started it 12 months prior when she initially enquired & urges not to put it off.
The excess weight has now dropped and she has more self confidence, more energy for her jazz dance class & feels much better and is now rediscovering her whole wardrobe again.
Friends have noticed and commented on the change in her and how much healthier she looks.
Jan says: “I was impressed at my first meeting”. Jeannette went to great lengths to explain the whole process and it was reassuring she was just a phone call away for support. Jan also opted to have an additional hypnosis session which keeps her on the ‘high road to success!’.
“I have no hesitation In recommending you make an appointment with Jeannette to discuss your issues and goals. She has so much to offer and is only too willing to assist you. Don’t wait just make that appointment”.

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