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How to minimize your toxin exposure to help your health and especially your thyroid.

We live in a very toxic world, with daily exposures of hundreds of different chemicals. This places a  toxic load on our body’s which can build up leading to disrupting not our hormones produced by our endocrine system which includes our sex and thyroid hormones, blood sugar balance and adrenal hormones. It also places a heavier burden on our liver, our major detoxification organ.

Where do all these exposures come from?

– the water we drink – if not filtered it is full of chlorine and fluoride  which block thyroid hormone production and disrupt hormones and is carcinogenic.
– swimming pools are chemical cocktails, particularly chlorine and bromine.
– air – cars, industry, smelters, smoke, cities
– food – processed foods and if non organic fruits and vegetables contain traces of pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, colours and chemical derivatives
– personal care products – perfumes, make up, shampoos, lotions, soaps, deodorants – women are more affected than men to to using more of these sort of products. Teens are particularly vulnerable as they are still growing and start exposing themselves to many of these products.
– furniture, new cars, carpets, building supplies, electrical devices, computers , phone batteries – all off-gas chemicals. Think of that new car smell!.
– plastics – plastic containers (especially when heated leach toxic chemicals into the food) and platic wrap that most processed food come in also leach into the food.

These are just some of our daily exposures and can be the trigger for many diseases including thyroid disease. The thyroid acts like a filter for toxins and many toxins act to block the thyroids ability to use iodine to makes its hormones.

Toxicity in our environment is prolific and can be hard to totally avoid, but there are many ways to reduce our exposure:

1. Eat organic as much as possible. See the list Dirty dozen (best to buy organic) and clean 15 (can be washed thoroughly with veggie wash or soaked in vinegar and is then ok to eat).
2. Filter all your drinking water
3. Eat a whole food, unprocessed diet. Buy bulk and dispense into glass jars to minimize plastic wrapping.
4. Switch to more natural or organic personal care products such as make up.
5. Ditch the perfume and swap for essential oils or more natural scents.
6.Store food in glass jars, pyrex etc, eliminate use of plastics, including plastic drink bottles (swap for glass or stainless steel).
7. Air any appliances, cars, furniture before use.
8. Consider doing a yearly detox to clear and minimize toxins ensuring your natural detox capacities are working at their best. Working in harmony with nature means Spring is the logical time for to do this however you can do a detox any time of the year.

Start with one change a month and build up from there. Even small changes can make a big difference to your health and prevention of disease.

What's in your beauty & personal care products that you are absorbing and which can be affecting your health?

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