“Just do it!” – Matt’s results

Well done Matt! ???
Matt has achieved his goal weight
Down 13.5kg in 10weeks! ???
Matt says “Just start!”
Here’s Matt’s testimonial:
“I take great delight in receiving a full health service from Jeannette Scapens via metabolic ballance.
Initially it was get to get back on track with general health and well being and lose some weight, however it was very easy to learn that a great many other areas needed to be addressed.
Jeannette provided a full initial assessment that identified an auto immune disorder that had caused my weight gain in the beginning.
I have now reached my goal weight quickly and effectively.
However I now have much clearer direction to address causes rather than symptoms.
Thanks so much Jeannette
Regards Matt”
Many of my followers may think I only help women with their health and weight loss however I do help men too!
As you might be aware men are made to make muscle whereas women’s bodies which are designed to make fat to support a baby.
This is where Metabolic Balance Personalised nutrition works especially so fast for men!
If you are a man or you have a man in your life that would benefit from doing a nutrition reset to get healthier and reduce chances of chronic disease
I can help!
We want our men to be their healthiest into the future and this program empowers men and women to do this.
What are you waiting for!

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