Metabolic Balance® – Personalised Nutrition Wellness & Weight Loss Program

Metabolic Balance® – Personalised Nutrition Wellness & Weight Loss Program
Metabolic Balance® – Personalised Nutrition Wellness & Weight Loss Program

Are you looking for an effective and quick weight loss program that also keeps the weight off?

Do you have a goal like a special event or a holiday to get looking and felling your best?

Maybe you have aches and pains or no energy and you just want to feel well and energized to cope with your busy life?

Or perhaps you have medical conditions and you’re on medications!

Then a Metabolic Balance® personalised Nutrition programme is the solution for you!

Me before the Metabolic Balance® diet at completion of my Metabolic Balance® certification training and then down 16kg in same clothes in less than 5 months!

I too have struggled with my weight all my adult life. I was a slim child and teenager but eating the wrong foods particularly sugar and carb laden foods finally caught up with me each year. I gained weight with each child I had. I would try programs like Weight Watchers and would lose a few kilos but the fact they allowed treat snacks I would go without real food just to have my daily treat!

After a major health event in 2011 and not being able to exercise normally, along with many hours sitting at a desk studying to become a Naturopath I gained many kilos more!

Many of my clients are women and they list weight loss as one of their 3 main health goals! I decided to research into various coach supported weight loss programs.

This is how I discovered Metabolic Balance®!

This very personalised nutrition program is unique to each person and no one has the same nutritional plan as they are created based on a panel of 36 blood tests (liver/kidney/cholesterol/digestive/blood sugar function metabolism), also taking into consideration your health conditions and medications.

This means that you get the maximum results for you in the shortest time.

The program is for 12 weeks but can be extended at additional cost to reach your goal weight. It includes your personalised 40 page nutritional plan (with meal plans, shopping lists and hints to achieve success) , 7 coaching consults with Naturopathic support (only offered by a certified trained Metabolic Balance® Coach who has nutritional training and understanding of biochemistry processes and health conditions, as I have done in my Naturopathic studies). Each consult includes weighing-in with Professional body composition scales, body measurements, Naturopathic support and weight loss coaching the Metabolic Balance® way. I also provide a private Facebook support group to participants with inspirational quotes, recipes, meal ideas, nutritional information, other relevant hints and tips and group support.

To participate in the programme you need to firstly have a thorough initial Naturopathic consult for approximately 1 1/2 hrs (separate cost from the programme but discounted to half price if you sign up to the programme), to gain a thorough health history and physical assessment of irises, nail and tongue, BP etc and any medications you may be taking (separate cost from the programme). Then you have the fasting blood tests (separate cost unless you already have recent blood test results less than 30 days old). At the first coaching consult I discuss your blood test result findings and any Naturopathic support required but the main focus is presenting you with your 40 page personalised nutritional plan and explaining carefully how to follow it to achieve success the Metabolic Balance® way :).

Scientifically Proven Results

This program was developed by Doctors and Nutritional Scientists in Germany 25 years ago based on many studies to find the most effective way to restore health and has also helped many people lose excess weight.

My Personal Results

I am pleased to say that I have had great personal success with the program (with little exercise other than walking and a few exercises to strengthen muscles) and have lost 17kg in 5 months and am feeling fantastic! I have more energy to function in my busy day, I now sleep soundly, my night time allergies have gone and my skin is clearer.

Now a BUPA approved weight loss program with $100 rebate

BUPA approved weight loss programme . Get $100 rebate with BUPA (depending upon level of extras cover)

I just love it when my clients get such fab health restoring and weight loss results as Ilca has achieved on her Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition plan.
Ilca has released an excess 15 kg and feeling so much better and looking fab too! Just look at her smile and the new found confidence she has now!
Ilca says:
my coeliac disease has improved dramamtically
My leaky gut is better
My energy levels have improved
I sleep better
Inflammation has practically gone
Arthritis has reduced dramatically
Hormonal cycles are more balanced
My iron levels are now normal
I’m really getting better and better the longer I stay on MB

Ilca's fab results before and after down 15 kg on her Metabolic Balance Personalized Nutrition Programme

Stasia has lost 28.5kg in 7 months and is feeling great! She has been able to come off her blood pressure medication and has balanced her hormones and blood sugar. Shes sleeping well and she now has lots of energy to do all she needs to!

Stasia before and then down 27kg in 7 months on her Metabolic Balance Personalized Nutrition Programme

The program is broken down into 4 phases.

  • Phase 1:

    • Phase 1 is a 2 day cleanse (eating mainly vegetables at each meal other than half your normal breakfast or a one egg omelet with veggies) which gives your digestion a rest and really kicks off the metabolism for weight loss.
  • Phase 2:

    • Strict phase 2 goes for 2 weeks and is the important time when your metabolism is reset and hormonal balancing occurs at peak. This is where you start to eat from your food list (proteins, carbs etc.) and meal plans but no cooking oils are used!
  • Phase 3: (or relaxed phase 2)

    •  Is where fats, as in cooking oils are re-introduced and continues until you have reached 75% of your goal weight. Additional foods (proteins and carbs and fats) on your food list for phase 3 are also introduced to add more variety.
  •  Phase 3 (proper)

    • is where more amounts of food are introduced as you are almost at your goal weight. This is also where you can re-introduce foods one-by-one that may not be on your plan, to see how your body respons to them over the 3 days eg. bloating or other digestive disturbances, allergy symptoms return, sleep disturbances etc.
  • Phase 4:

    • Finally maintenance phase 4 is when you have reached your goal weight! Celebrate this great achievement!

Private online support group to keep you motivated and supported between consults

Private online support group (on Facebook) providing motivation and support with hints, tips, meal ideas and recipes by Jeannette in between your personal coaching consults to keep you motivated.

My first client achieved great results with also losing 10 kg in 10 weeks.

I now have many ladies that I am supporting (some online) to achieve better health and lose excess kilos. I would love to have a male do this effective programme! It is not unheard of for a male to release 8kg in the first 2 weeks as of course we know men are designed to make muscle not fat, unlike women who are designed to make fat not muscle, so men tend to release fat much easier than women. I provide a private online support group on Facebook to support you in between consults.

It’s a simple program. Just follow your food shopping list and menu plans to achieve good results fast!

Although most people want to lose weight and feel better Metabolic Balance® is also suited to those who just want to feel their best possible by eating the right foods that are right for them. If your goal is more for weight loss then I request a weight loss plan. Some clients may only want to re-balance their hormones or follow an autoimmune nutrition plan without weight loss and this is still the right programme for you to achieve optimum health!

Find out how this program can change your life for the better!

Book in for a free 15 minute phone call via the BOOK a CONSULT button or you can call  me on 0439828669 for a free no obligation chat to find out how it can give you amazing results too!

It is such a joy for me to work with my clients on this program. They are so happy and grateful for the way they feel and look!

Are you ready to experience this health and life changing program?

For as little as $12 a day you could be experiencing better health and a new slimmer you (if that is also your goal)!


Please book in for a free 15 minute phone consult via the BOOK CONSULT button or enquire on ph 0439828669 for a thorough explanation of how this effective dietary program to reset your metabolism, regain your energy, balance hormones and release excess weight works so well!

If you live too far from Brighton or are Interstate I offer this program online via skype at a slightly discounted rate (involves you taking your own measurements and weight weekly). Firstly you have a thorough initial Naturopathic 1 1/2 hr consultation to check suitability and gain a good picture of your current health and any additional naturopathic support needed whilst doing the programme.Your 12 week personalised nutritional programme includes your 40 page personalised meal plans & shopping lists, based on your blood tests and medical conditions and dietary dislikes /likes.

7 personal one on one coaching consultations where you get measured/weighed (body composition scales), coached along with professional Naturoapthic support if required.
Currently BUPA provides a $100 rebate (depending upon level of extras cover) for the programme with other health funds hopefully soon to follow.
I also provide a private support group on facebook where I post inspirational affirmations, meal ideas, recipes and support.
For under $12 a day you can experience this life changing program to feel great and lose excess weight!

$990 in person (excluding Initial Naturopathic consult and blood test costs. If you have recent blood tests less than 30 days old we can use these to save some money)
$890 for online
(payment plan of 3 payments is available if required)

Payment Options

Bank Transfer – Direct Deposit
Square Credit Card Payment

Zip Pay available for purchases

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