Metabolic Balance® Testimonials

Read some testimonials from some of our happy clients about Metabolic Balance®

We know that the metabolic balance program is hugely successful. But don’t take our word for it, read the testimonials from just some of our  clients who were happy to share their experience and results after following their Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition program.

Veronica’s Testimonial

I’m down 14kg in 14 weeks and “I feel like a new person!” – client Veronica
I just love hearing these sorts of positive results my lovely clients achieve and report back at their regular coaching consults and particularly at the end of their Metabolic Balance program. ????????
It’s why I recommend this effective personalsied nutrition program as it gets results!
Not just weight loss results but health improvements and feeling your best again!
My lovely client Veronica was referred to me by her friend Edi, who also has had fabulous results and now feels her best too!
Veronica says:
this is the “most great experience I’ve ever had and I now have the knowledge to nourish my body”.
It gives “great results!”
“I feel like a new person!”????????

Veronica released 14.05kg in 14wks! ????????

5.2% total body fat

Her metabolic age is now her actual age (improved 14yrs!)????

Down 9.5cm on her waist! ✨

Down 8cm on her hips✨

Down 3cm on her thighs ✨

She now has much more energy to do all she needs to do in her busy life as an art teacher.
More balanced hormones.
Better resilience to stress.
Less aches and pains.
Better sleep and more!

Veronica highly recommends Metabolic Balance as it works!

What sets Metabolic Balance apart from other nutrition plans is that it’s tailored from your unique individual metabolic biochemistry (gained from a comprehensive blood test), health conditions, food likes and dislikes to bring your body back to balance with the right helathy Whole Foods, at the right amount and right times for you!
You also learn how to manage your wellness and your weight into the future! ????


Candice’s Testimonial

“Just wow! This program really does work!” Candice came to me last October and was concerned about her hormonal changes and weight gain since recent surgery. I advised her about doing a Metabolic Balance nutrition plan personalized to her unique metabolic blood biochemistry and health conditions, food likes and dislikes to specially bring her unique body back to balance and naturally release excess weight. Here’s what Candice had to say of her journey: “I was slowly but surely putting more and more weight on and started feeling self conscious and really not myself” after recent surgery. “The weight continued to stack on”. “I was fed up and wanted to feel 40 and fabulous.” Candice learnt what are her best healthy whole foods at the right amount and right times to balance her hormones and get her feeling great now and into the future. Professionally coached by myself to achieve her health and weight loss goals Candice is rapt with her results and learning how to expand her foods and still maintain her wellness and weight. Candice released 7.3kg in 9weeks. Released 5.17% total body fat. Down 10cm on her waist Down 13cm on her hips Down 6cm on her thighs. With better energy, sleep, moods and coping with stress better, less aches and pains and more Candice says she “can’t recommend the program highly enough! Thank you Jeannette for getting me on track and reaching my goal!” “I finally feel like i did in my 20’s again from the inside and out!” If you are sick and tired of feeling blah and gaining weight book a free phone discovery consult via the book now button and let me support you to get you back on track and feeling fab again too! (Client permission given to share testimonial and photos)

TJ’s Testimonial

Post- menopausal?
Feeling bloated, tired, puffy?
Don’t ever give up believing that there is a solution out there!
My lovely client TJ kindly shared her testimonial and photos after completing her Metabolic Balance 12 week program as like me, she wants every woman out there who’s feeling like she was to know that there is a solution and you can feel great again and love being in your own skin ????????“I’m in my mid-50’s and post-menopausal and had noticed changes to the way my body looked and how I was feeling emotionally, compared to just a few years prior. I stay fit by doing H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) at least 3 times a week and have followed a Mediterranean diet all my life but something just didn’t feel right. Nothing felt particularly wrong but I just couldn’t articulate how I was feeling from an energy, physical and emotional perspective.I spoke to my GP and had blood tests which didn’t reveal anything outside of the ‘normal’ ranges. Therefore, I didn’t receive any specific or holistic advice that was anywhere near helpful. The most common advice I received was ‘Oh well you’re post-menopausal, so this is the way it’s going to be for you’. I just wasn’t prepared to accept such a defeated approach to what the rest of my life was going to feel like – especially if that was going to be for another 25 or 30 years!
I was feeling puffy, bloated, tired and uncomfortable in my own skin.Then I came across the Metobolic Balance Program and Jeanette Scapens. I had read reviews and seen others achieve fabulous results but I had the GP’s comments stuck in my head about being post-menopausal. So I told myself to keep my expectations ‘real’ and thought it’s harder to lose weight/centimetres at my age and had prepared myself for possibly not being able to achieve results like others had mentioned. I thought being leaner and lighter was unachievable for someone of my age.Boy was I mistaken! In the first fortnight my fat percentage dropped by 1.7% and I lost 1.5kgs! I certainly wasn’t expecting such noticeable results to happen so quickly! Then at every coaching appointment with Jeanette the results kept moving in the right direction! I also started to feel calmer and more balanced overall. At the end of the program I had achieved all of my goals.I now have this toolkit of information that is my new lifestyle and I love it! Jeanette’s advice and coaching was positive reinforcement that I was doing the right things. She gave me sound advice about foods that are particular to my needs in a real common sense manner that just made sense and the advice worked! I sometimes wonder what I would be feeling like if I hadn’t come across Jeanette and the Program – I know I wouldn’t be feeling as good as I do today. I thought it’d be a lot more difficult and challenging than what it was. Broadly, it’s just about finding food substitutes, following my specifically designed program and implementing my new lifestyle. I am very impressed with all of the results I achieved and am so pleased about my emotional improvements too. The Program and Jeanette’s coaching have put me on the road to a healthy and balanced lifestyle that I will follow for the rest of my life.Thanks Jeanette for your support and advice throughout the Program, it’s been invaluable”.

If you are sick and tired of feeling blah book a free phone discovery consult ( via the linktree link in my bio) like TJ did and you won’t look back!
You’ll be living life to its fullest again!


Amy’s Testimonial

  “The best thing for me is I’m feeling so much better”

Amy came to me last June feeling quite poorly with low energy, a long term chronic gut issue, high inflammation levels in her body along with subclinical hypothyroidsm. If you think of inflammation simplistically as a swollen cell which impedes substances getting in and out of your cells, which make up our tissues and organs and therefore impacts how our whole body functions it’s pretty important to get inflammation under control! This is why I love Metabolic Balance! It uses your unique metabolic Biochemistry (gained from a comprehensive blood test) to work out which healthy whole foods at the right amounts and right times to bring her body back to balance! Its so great! Amy managed to overhaul her eating this way so that she could feel energized to manage her busy business much better. Amy released 6kg excess weight as a side benefit!

Amy says: I am “so grateful that I got introduced to Jeannette! She is friendly, helpful, professional and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to anyone! Amy reported at the end of her 12 week program that her headaches have improved, along with less aches and pains, much better energy, improved sleep, less reflux and able to reduce medication (with her Drs guidance), has more balanced hormones, able to exercise more, reduced stress and moods and she highly recommends the program!

If you want to feel your best and learn how to nourish your body to perform at its best now and into the future book a free phone discovery consult now and you too can get the support to achieve your health and wellness goals.


Janine’s Testimonial

“This is the first time I’ve been able to lose weight in 30 years!”
Janine came to me for help after trying many ways to lose weight but being unable to do so for 30 years due to having an underactive thyroid. She had been literally flogging herself at the gym with no shift in her weight.
Janine has now managed to release 13kg and 29cm from her body!
Her Inflammation markers are down dramatically, cholesterol and blood pressure has reduced, she doesn’t need to take anti-reflux meds anymore!
Together we discovered that the exercise she was doing was causing her body stress, inflaming and raising her cortisol levels which in turn made her body hang onto her excess weight.
Janine changed to walks & weight resistance classes along with eating the right healthy whole foods at the right time and right amounts for her unique metabolic biochemistry!
Janine also learnt that by following her truly Personalized Metabolic Balance nutrition plan, tailored from her unique metabolic biochemistry (gained from a comprehensive blood test, her health conditions and health goals) for her unique metabolic biochemistry was the solution! This is why I love Metabolic Balance because it’s scientifically proven to work!
Janine now has good energy and wakes refreshed after sleep, her reflux and bloating has gone!
Janine is rediscovering her wardrobe of lovely clothes she couldn’t fit into before starting her plan.
Here’s what Janine had to say about her Metabolic Balance journey:
“I have tried almost every diet going. Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Shakes, fasting. Every time I saw a different Doctor they all had their own ideas. I needed to find someone who understood about an under active Thyroid gland and then I found Jeannette. Jeannette has been amazing, so supportive through my journey and worked with me when my weight stalled etc. I will still be watching my weight but I have at last found a diet/way of life that suits me. Thanks Jeannette”.
If you are struggling with stubborn weight book a free 15 minute phone discovery consult (via the BOOK A CONSULT button on my website) to learn how it can work for you too! In clinic or online Australia-wide!
Tyneil’s review
I just to hear these sorts of testimonials from my clients!
It truly makes my day!
Tyneil recently finished her Metabolic Balance nutrition plan for wellness and weight loss!
Tyneil said
“This program has changed my life! I feel back in control again!”
Tyneil was struggling with inflammation, bloating, headaches, low energy, swollen legs and feet and sleep along with excess weight.
Tyneil was able to release 8kg and achieve her goal weight!
She released 12.5cm off her waist 10cm off her hips 3cm of her thigh Tyneil has found her energy has improved, swollen legs and feet improved, less bloating as she now knows what are the best foods for her.
She has better sleep, less headaches, moods and hormones more balanced, and has finally shifted excess weight and fits into her lovely clothes again.
Tyneil highly recommends Metabolic Balance and me as her Coach.
If you are struggling with annoying health symptoms and not feeling your best, and can’t shift stubborn weight book a free 15 min phone discovery consult to see how it could change your life for the better too! Consulting in my clinic in Brighton, SA and also online Australia-wide.
Tiffany’s progress
Today (October 27th) I had a consult with one of my lovely online clients. Tiffany (a busy mum of 3) is doing really well on her Metabolic Balance nutrition plan as it’s the right food for her at the right time and right amounts to bring her body back to balance and get her feeling good again. The difference is that it is tailored from her unique metabolic biochemistry from a comprehensive blood test. Her food likes and dislikes, intolerances, measurements and goals are all taken into account.
This is what she had to say today during her consult with me about her Metabolic Balance experience so far:
“I feel really good now!
I’m enjoying my food.
I feel comfortable with the foods I have.
It’s the first thing that has worked that’s not a diet! I don’t feel restricted!”
Tiffany has also released almost 9kg so far!
If you are needing support to feel your best and release excess weight and learn how to maintain it then a Metabolic Balance plan is the solution! Book a free phone discovery consult via the BOOK A CONSULT button on my website. 
Supporting clients through their Metabolic Balance program both in my clinic at Brighton SA and also Australia-wide via zoom video link or phone calls.

Melinda’s Review


Another happy Metabolic Balance client!

Melinda found the Metabolic Balance program to be highly beneficial to her .
She now has:
Reduced aches and pains
Her sleep and energy have improved
Her hormones feel more balanced
Her ability to exercise has improved greatly
Her resilience to stress has improved greatly

Melinda released 6.85kg
5.1% total body fat
Dropped 11 years Metabolic age
11cm off her waist
14cm off her hips

Melinda says “thanks Jeannette! I have dropped 1 dress size , look much better and feel inspired to keep on my healthy eating plan and continue to lose weight and have more energy and look great! Thank you Metabolic Balance!”

Melinda would highly recommend Metabolic Balance! ????


L.S. review 

“Jeannette and the plan gave me a better insight on what foods work better with my body, which led me to losing the weight quite quickly”. With additional testing due to a long term gut issue “during the process I came to realise that something else was very wrong – namely I had a parasite that I didn’t know I had, until I clearly robbed it of the food that it was used to consuming!”  The extra information that Jeannette gave was very helpful”. L.S. found the program highly beneficial and gives the progrom a 10/10 recommendation for the program and Jeannette as her Coach.


Johan’s review

I am so proud of my client Johan who has achieved amazing health and weight restoring benefits from following his Metabolic Balance nutrition plan, which is Personalised to his unique metabolic biochemistry to bring his body back to balance! ????
In other words, he now knows which foods are his optimum healthy whole foods which make him feel her great and have enabled him to release 15kg in 12 weeks!
His Dr is also pleased with his results as bloods are now all normalized (as found by a repeat blood test done by his Dr.) including his thyroid is back to normal!
Down 11.5cm on his waist
Down 9cm on his hips
Down 5cm on his thighs.
Along with less headaches & aches and pains, a better response to stress and heaps more energy! ????????

I just love the results that this scientifically proven whole food program #metabolicbalance gives!
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t feel your best and release excess weight in midlife & beyond!
Metabolic Balance is the solution!

Johan highly recommends this program and said simply about his Metabolic Balance journey
“great program and great Coach”! ????????


Jasmine’s review

“Starting this program has really changed my life, I have so much more energy now-days and find my eating habits have got a whole lot better! My skin has improved and I am so pleased with the results I have gotten from this program”. “I really enjoed the plan” and “I highly recommend it to anyone whose looking to improve there health and Jeannette provides a great level of support and motivation!”


JB’s testimonial

I am so proud of my lovely client JB who has achieved amazing health and weight restoring benefits from following her Metabolic Balance nutrition plan, which is Personalised to her unique metabolic biochemistry to bring her body back to balance! ????
In other words, she now knows which foods are her optimum healthy whole foods which make her feel her great and have enabled her to release 14kg!
Even with MTHFR & Hashimotos (underactive thyroid condition)!

Down 13cm on her waist
Down 9cm on her hips
Down 10cm on her thighs

Along with no more headaches and hot flushes and she now has better sleep & energy! ????????

I just love the results that this scientifically proven whole food program #metabolicbalance gives!
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t feel your best and release excess weight in midlife and beyond!
Metabolic Balance is the solution!

JB says “Jeannette is amazing! So giving , caring and supportive & I am so grateful to have her as my practitioner. The experience has literally been life changing!”



Louise’s testimonial

Well done to Louise who has released 11.8kg in 11 weeks on her Metabolic Balance program for wellness and weight loss! ???
Louise says it’s the first time I have been this slim in years!
My clothes are falling off me!
Louise is very happy with her results and highly recommends Metabolic Balance telling all her friends about how well it works!Louise says “This has been a great experience and I have definitely improved my quality of life health wise and reduced my dress size dramatically!”Knowing what foods to support your unique metabolic biochemistry to optimize your health and weight is gold!Louise’s Results:
Down 11.8kg
Down 6.9% total body fat
Down 15 yrs in Metabolic age
Down 4.5cm waist
Down 10.5cm hips
Down 4cm thighsI highly recommend Jeannette as my Metabolic Balance Coach.


Kerry’s testimonial


Edith’s testimonial

Lovely Edith achieved her goal weight & is down 11.9kg in 13 weeks!

But the best part is she says

“ I feel fantastic & have loved every step of my Metabolic Balance journey!”

Apart from releasing 11.9kg in 13 weeks she has improved her health greatly ? less aches & pains
? Improved energy
? Improved sleep
? Better moods & ability to cope with stress
? more balanced hormones
? 12 years younger metabolic age
? total of 21cm off her waist,hips and thighs combined!
Edith can now wear all her lovely clothes that she wasn’t able to previously.

Edith says a “ huge thank you. Without your guidance & support & very helpful tips it would not have been as easy to reach my goal weight. Your continued support & joy in reaching milestones kept me motivated!”.

Lovely Emily achieved her goal weight in under 8 weeks! ???

Emily says “Jeannette spent a lot of time & care working out my needs and explaining the program to me. She was very supportive, encouraging & thorough. I feel so much better & am relieved I chose to do it”! (Metabolic Balance)???

Along with:

Heaps more energy ?

Greatly Improved sleep ?

No need to nap in afternoons now ?

More comfortable gut ?

Able to cope with stress better ?

More balanced moods and hormones ?

Improved my exercise performance ?

Down 5.55kg
Down 4.4% total body fat
Down 8yrs Metabolic Age to 31! (biological age 46)
Down 7.5cm waist
Down 6cm Hips
Down 5cm thigh

I now know which foods help me have good energy and feel my best.

“It’s not been hard and I can keep doing it!”. “You don’t feel like you are on some crazy diet!”

I found the Metabolic Balance program highly beneficial and would recommend it and Jeannette as my Coach ?

Kelly’s testimonial

Lovely Kelly achieved her goal weight in 12 weeks! ???
“My energy has returned and my clothes just slip right on” ???
Along with:more energy ?improved digestion (bloating gone) ?Improved sleep ?No need to nap now ?Headaches gone ?Able to cope with stress better ?More balanced moods and hormones ?Improved my exercise performance ?Down 10.5kg
Down 7.8% total body fat
Down 11cm waist
Down 12.5cm Hips
Down 8cm thigh
?????I now know which foods help me have good energy and feel my best.
I highly recommend the Metabolic Balance program and felt very supported by my Coach Jeannette?
Sue’s testimonial
Who wants to feel better?
Well my lovely client Sue did when she came for her initial consult with me!
Busy caring for other family members and clients herself she needed a a clear plan with professional support for herself to feel better again!
Sue has just completed her Metabolic Balance Personalised whole food nutrition plan and now has the tools to keep feeling good and lead her best life!
Sue says
 “I feel my journey on this plan was very beneficial and my weight has dropped and my health is much improved. I feel so much better!”
Unlike other nutrition plans out there a Metabolic Balance nutrition plan is Personalised to your metabolic blood biochemistry based on a comprehensive blood test. These results along  health conditions, food likes and dislikes, measurements and goals are all taken into account so that YOU get results for YOUR unique body!


Renee’s Testimonial after completing her 12 week program

“This program has completely changed my life for the better!”
My lovely client Renee has just competed her 12 week fully coached program,  following her Metabolic Balance nutrition plan.
Each truly Personalised nutrition plan is Personalised to your unique metabolic biochemistry, gained from a comprehensive blood test.
Renee has achieved amazing weight and health restoring results!
Down 11.5kg
Down 7% total body fat
Down 16 yrs metabolic age
Down 15cm on her waist
Down 13cm on her hips
Renee is a busy mum and needs to be fit for her work so she’s been trying to improve her run times, energy,
drop a few excess kilos
and especially get rid of her belly bloat!
Renee’s  positive wins are:
“I don’t look pregnant anymore!”
“I have better sleep!”
“I don’t need to nap anymore and have good energy!”
“I shaved 2 mins off my 5km run time!”
‘My hormones feel more balanced”
This was a big realization for Renee that what she had been eating previously, although healthy,  wasn’t specifically what her body needed to be bring it back to balance, heal and release excess weight!
Renee is excited for her future as she continues to listen to her body and how it responds to the right Whole Foods for her at the right amounts and
right times and is now learning to relax her plan more now she is in maintenance phase.
Renee says she is “excited for what the future holds!”
Together with positive mindset support and me as your Coach and biggest cheerleader you are set to succeed at achieving your health and weight goals! ?


Debbie’s Testimonial

Debbie loves to exercise but still couldn’t shift stubborn excess weight until she did her own Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition program, finally releasing 10kg and down 2 dress sizes!  Debbie has found that she could even exercise less by eating the right helathy whole foods, at the right times and right amounts to bring her metabolism and hormones back to balance! Debbie now has good sleep, good energy and is excited to wear her favourite clothes again (down 2 dress sizes!). She now has the tools to maintain her goal weight now and into the future! Debbie says: “I highly recommend Metabolic Balance and Jeannette as my Coach to anyone who is having trouble losing weight!”

Renee’s Testimonial 4 weeks in!

“Jeannette is absolutely amazing to work with. I am so glad I found such a supportive, knowledgeable individual to help me with my journey. In 14 days I lost 4.2kgs and I never have felt better. My bloating has gone and I don’t look like I’m pregnant anymore. I have more energy, stopped napping throughout the day and feel more alive than I ever had before. It has taken years of heartache, tears, stress, doctor appointments and know I finally have all the answers I need. I just wish I found Jeannette years ago! 100% recommend, you won’t regret it.”


Debbie’s review of her Personalised Metabolic Balance Program

“Metabolic Balance is a great way to learn what foods are best suited to gaining our health back. It is simple to follow and simplifies food choices as the list is extensive, range of foods are easy to prepare and simple to follow regime. I feel I will now live my best life for the years to come. I now look forward to some great adventures!”.


“Just do it!’ – Matt’s results & testimonial

Well done Matt! ???
Matt has achieved his goal weight
Down 13.5kg in 10weeks! ???
Matt says “Just start!”
Here’s Matt’s testimonial:
“I take great delight in receiving a full health service from Jeannette Scapens via metabolic ballance.
Initially it was get to get back on track with general health and well being and lose some weight, however it was very easy to learn that a great many other areas needed to be addressed.
Jeannette provided a full initial assessment that identified an auto immune disorder that had caused my weight gain in the beginning.
I have now reached my goal weight quickly and effectively.
However I now have much clearer direction to address causes rather than symptoms.
Thanks so much Jeannette
Regards Matt”
Many of my followers may think I only help women with their health and weight loss however I do help men too!
As you might be aware men are made to make muscle whereas women’s bodies which are designed to make fat to support a baby.
This is where Metabolic Balance Personalised nutrition works especially so fast for men!
If you are a man or you have a man in your life that would benefit from doing a nutrition reset to get healthier and reduce chances of chronic disease
I can help!
We want our men to be their healthiest into the future and this program empowers men and women to do this.
What are you waiting for!


Cheryl’s testimonial

Well done Cheryl on achieving better health and your goal weight!
Down 10kg in 14 weeks on her Metabolic Balance Personalised nutrition plan.
Down 13 years In metabolic age
Down 7.5cm on waist
Down 13cm on hips
Down 5.5cm on thighs.
Better cholesterol levels, blood sugar balance, normalized thyroid and more.
Cheryl now has the knowledge to know how to support her body to feel great and maintain her goal weight with the best possible foods and which foods she should avoid.
Cheryl said to me that she can now wear all her lovely clothes In her wardrobe again!
She can now look forward to a healthier future!
“I am extremely happy with my Metabolic Balance journey and am so happy to have dropped weight along with improved sleep and lower stress levels. Jeannette’s program was very helpful and she provided much appreciated support”.
Cheryl S.

Christine (update- Chris has surpassed her goal weight and is now maintaining it successfully (down 25kg)

Listen to how Chris has done a fabulous job of releasing 19kg in 5 months on her Metabolic Balance Personalised nutrition program. She now has good energy and improved her health greatly and is learning to maintain her new goal weight eating healthy Whole Foods that are personally right for her.
If you would like support to feel your best and reach and maintain your healthy goal weight (incorporating positive mindset techniques) please book a free phone discovery consult now! (Click on the Book Now button ).
I would I love to support you too to live your best and healthiest life




I just love the health and weight loss transformation my clients get with their Personalised Metabolic Balance Nutriton programs.
Simonne has kindly allowed me to share her photos. She has only been on her personal nutrition plan for 4 weeks and dropped 8.2kg already ?.
Along with aches and pains now gone & feeling so much better too!
Isn’t it time you put your health first and experience becoming your best self ?
It’s so easy eating the right Whole Foods for you along with Personalised coaching support form yours truly! ?
Along with Bonus positive mindset support to help you achieve your health and weight goals.
What are you waiting for?
Book your free phone discovery consult now! I would love to support you too!
“Hi I would like to share some of my thoughts on my weight loss journey with metabolic balance. I’m a little over half way and have lost 13.8 kg in 14 weeks so I’m starting to see the results in the mirror but most importantly how I feel .Before starting my energy Level was very low and I was finding looking after the grandkids hard. Now I feel completely energised. My metabolic coach Jeannette Scapens has been a great source of knowledge and support throughout this part of my weight loss. Jeannette encouraged me to try her Hypnosis, I was quite sceptical but decided to give it a go and to my great surprise this has worked really well. I feel when I’ve been tempted by the fridge door (as we all have I’m sure )I’ve been easily able to close the door and leave the food and the craving behind and I’m able to keep in my mind the image that Jeannette and I created of the new slimmer me during the Hypnosis. I now have no doubt in my mind that I will reach my goal!” (see Chris’s near goal results and video testimonial above) along with photos.




Congratulations to Claire on releasing 13.2kg on her Metabolic Balance 12 week program! ????
As a busy mum of 3 young children she says:
“I highly recommend Jeannette & the Metabolic Balance Program. It has changed my life & given me back the energy I need to live a long & happy life with my family”

It’s been a pleasure to support Claire & my other clients to improve their health, reach & maintain their healthy goal weight & to feel great again!




Phil’s Total body reset update!
Phil is very pleased with his quick results on his Metabolic Balance Personalised nutrition plan.
Eating the right healthy foods tailored to his metabolic blood biochemistry targets these fabulous results.
He’s down 8.6kg, after doing phase 1 cleanse & strict phase 2. He’s now in phase 3 with only 1.4kg til he reaches his desired goal weight!
His clothes are now much more comfortable to wear having purchased size 34 trousers which its been years!
Phil said “I needed to do this as my my eating & drinking habits needed a reset.
Normally I would restrict my diet greatly & exercise heavily to try & shift weight but this was so easy without any exercise!
I now feel lighter & brighter with clearer thinking, not bloated , phlegm in throat gone, sounder sleep & best of all I have more energy to do all I need to do in my busy day!
I’m confident I will reach my goal soon!
I highly recommend you push the reset button once a year by doing this program!
Thank you to Jeannette who has supported me through these past 2 weeks as it’s made it so much easier doing our Personalised plans at the same time!’

If you & your man need to hit your reset button & reclaim back your energy, wellness & reach a healthier weight to feel great again naturally, BOOK a FREE phone consult to find out more. You are so worth it!




“I can’t explain how grateful I am that I found Jeannette! I was the heaviest I have ever been, tired all the time, eating the wrong foods for my body and just dreading looking in the mirror. I am now 10kg down in 10 weeks and most importantly I feel healthier than I have in a long time! I wake feeling rested, have more energy to play with my two young children and am feeling a lot more confident in myself. My clothes are also fitting better which is amazing! I urge anyone in the same boat to reach out to Jeannette at Balanced Health Naturally, you won’t regret it!”




“I am a mum of two young chidlren. When I first approached Jeannette about starting on a Metabolic Balance Plan I was feeling very low on energy, my stress and anxiety was heightened and I felt that my hormones were out of balance. Since following my plan and with regulare coaching and guidance from Jeannette, I feel more energised and sharp. My relationship with food has changed and I no longer look for snacks and sugar fixes throughout the day. Jeannette has taught me to eat nutritious, whole foods and I come to realise that if I stick to this most of the time I can enjoy special occasions and treats guilt free. I have also released 10kg, something I have really struggled with since having my second child. I followed Jeannette on her Balanced Health Naturally Facebook page for nearly 2 years before deciding to do my own Metabolic Balance Plan with Jeannette and I only wished I had started sooner! I highly recommend Jeannette and will continue to see her for guidance on all things health related” Katharine had bad dermatitis skin issues on her hands  (left photo) and after her 9 weeks on her plan & taking more care using a healing all natural cream its is pretty much resolved (right photo).




“Having tried many things & diets, the Metabolic Balance Program has changed my life!
I now have so much energy, sleeping well, no more dry skin & my plantar fasciitis has disappeared!
My relationship with food has changed, I feel great, I’m now wearing clothes that I haven’t for a long time, & have gained back a lot of confidence in myself which is a huge thing for me.
A fantastic result!
Jeannette has been a great Coach & given me a lot of encouragement. The fact that she has done the program really helped me as she has great knowledge & understanding of how the Metabolic Balance Program positively impacts.
I’m very pleased with the new me!”

Dawn achieved a 8% total body fat reduction in 9 weeks of 8kg & is now feeling full of energy to live her best life!
Well done Dawn! It’s been a pleasure supporting you. (Client has given permission to share her photos).
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metabolic balance changed my life



“I have known Jeannette since a teenager and was very interested in Jeannette’s work with Balanced Health Naturally and weight loss. Unfortunately I waited 12 months before I made an appointment to see her. I was impressed at my first meeting and the lengths Jeannette went to explain the process and her encouragement to get started. Determined to be positive, I carried on with the knowledge that Jeannette was only a phone call away. I was lucky to have a good variety of food and found that the weight FINALLY began to drop off. As this happened my self esteem grew, I felt so much better and now further down the track I have more energy. This has helped me in my jazz dance classes. My dance teacher has also commented on my new energy levels. My friends are commenting on how well I look and notice the weight loss. This gives you the motivation to keep sticking to your plan. I have no hesitation in recommending Jeannette to discuss your issues and goals. She has so much to offer and is only too willing to assist you. Don’t wait, just make that appointment”.

jan's metabolic balance testimonial


“I haven’t been able to lose weight in 5 yrs due to thyroid, age and metabolic problems. I am so pleased to of met Jeannette who helped me step by step to get to where I want to be. She is very good in getting back to you straight away with any answer to your question. Very, very pleased so far. Still on the journey but feel positive in getting there. Within 2 weeks I felt like all my joint pain, that I thought was old age, at 47? was melting away. My aim was to lose weight but all the other symptoms like tiredness, aching joints, anxiety, low energy is disappearing. It’s great, I don’t want to go back. When I feel like going back to bad eating habits I do remind myself how I so don’t want to have those symptoms back. So that’s my drive. I do feel like I’m living now. Thanks Jeannette for your help, knowledge and patience with me on this journey” by Tracey

tracey metabolic balance


“Jeannette was very supportive and provided a great form of support through the facebook group with recipes & inspirational quotes to spur us on. This process was a great education on what works for my body. The diet was great as you could create a variety of meals unlike other programs that go on repeat & become tedious. I feel healthier & have the confidence I will be able to maintain my healthy weight”. Update June 2019- “I’m still 60kg! I’ve kept it off for 6 months now! Thanks for all your support in changing my eating habits to a healthier and specific way for better health!”
metabolic balance success


“I found Jeannette through a mutual friend &  I decided to sign up for a Metabolic Balance® program at the end of September. I wasn’t feeling the best,  tired, fat & lots of joint pain, full of anxiety & stress. Within 2 weeks of starting my personalised Metabolic Balance program I had lost a couple of kgs & my anxiety was gone, my joint pain had reduced & I was feeling a lot more energetic. So far I have lost almost 9 kgs & I’m feeling great. Jeannette has been super attentive & followed up with everything I have asked & has been very helpful with suggestions for meals. She has also been instrumental in changing my mindset & the way I look at food. I highly recommend Jeannette & the Metabolic Balance program”.
bronte metabolic balance


Congratulations to Kathie who has reached the 10 week mark on her personalised Metabolic Balance ®️ Nutritional Programme!

Kathie is down 12kg in the 10weeks!
As well as 9cm on her waist, 9cm on her hips and 5cm on her thighs!

Here’s Kathie’s testimonial for her first 10 weeks on her personalised nutrition plan (Over half way to her goal weight she chose at the start of her journey).
“Since starting my Metabolic Balance plan I’ve seen my health greatly improve. Allergies have cleared, my skin is clearer, and  I’m jumping out of bed in the morning with loads of energy which allows me to keep up with my kids. The plan is easy to follow. Jeannette provides heaps of support and I have lost heaps of weight! It is exactly the kind of kickstart I needed to regain my health!”

Kathie has been battling Hashimoto’s (autoimmune hypothyroidism) for many years and by following her personalised Metabolic Balance®️ Nutrition plan, along with some nutritional/ herbal supplements, she is able to avoid taking medication. This is because her personalised plan is based on HER unique metabolic biochemistry gained form a blood test, also taking into account all her health conditions & symptoms, measurements etc to make her plan unique to her for effective results.

It gets all the body systems working well again – resets metabolism, balances hormones, addresses raised insulin and blood pressure, cholesterol, particularly reduces INFLAMMATION and as a side benefit EXCESS WEIGHT is RELEASED!

Well done Kathie

 kathie metabolic balance


Katrina had been struggling with a sluggish thyroid, like so many of my clients. Read what she has to say now.
“I was struggling with a sluggish thyroid” (having been recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and prescribed Thyroxine).. Jeannette introduced me to my personalised Metabolic Balance® plan which changed my life! I was “exercising like crazy but struggling to lose any weight. I was also finding it difficult to get 8 hours sleep a night
This programme informs you of which foods best fit your body. I have been following my Metabolic Balanced® plan for almost a year now and have lost 12 kg and have kept it off!
I am full of energy as my body has had a reboot and is loving it!” As a bonus I no longer need to take my Thyroxine medication! “Jeannette has been a great support to me through this entire journey. If you are suffering from a sluggish body, feeling tired all the time please give the Metabolic Balance® program a go! Its tailored to your body.”


Christine had not felt ‘good’ in years. Read what she has to say now.
” I haven’t felt this good in years.  I had debilitating hot flushes and weight gain especially around my midriff. MB targets all the right places and corrects imbalances internally which in turn make you feel fabulous, lots of energy and wonderful sleep. Whilst there is no magic pill, I was motivated and disciplined but the results speak for themselves .  I would recommend Jeannette and the Metabolic balance® program. Thank you Jeannette, for all your support”


Hey Jeannette I just wanted to give you a big shout out, I am so excited and motivated by the results of the Metabolic Balance® program. I’ve only been on it 6 days and already I have lost 3 kg and 3 cms off my waist, I can hardly believe it! My weight loss goal is relatively small with my main goal to feel great, and I am blown away by how much better I feel. The biggest change is the reduction of inflammation in my body. My hands were so swollen I could not get my wedding ring off.. after 3 days it slipped off!!! Now after 6 days my feet and hands fell like they used to . I am really surprised by how easy the plan is to follow. I like the foods I’m allowed and I am not hungry in between, in fact I do not always need my portion allowances. Thank you for your support and guidance. Watching your personal transformation has also been an inspiration!!!

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