Reset your Metabolism and Hormones with Metabolic Balance to Achieve and Maintain your Healthy goal Weight and Feel great Naturally!

Do you need to reset your metabolism & hormones to release stubborn excess weight?

How does releasing 10kg in 12 weeks sound to you? (average weight loss over 12 weeks when followed strictly. Individual results may vary due to health conditions)

Find out how professional certified one-on-one coaching consults with your own truly personalised nutrition plan the Metabolic Balance way, can help you reset your hormones and metabolism to lose stubborn weight and feel great again, plus receive bonus professional Naturopathic & positive mindset support along the way.

Does this sound like you?

Are you a woman in your 40s,50,60s or 70s and you are struggling to shift stubborn excess weight and also need to improve your health? Maybe you have you reduced your food intake, you’re eating healthy & exercising more & yet the excess weight won’t budge?

Maybe you are peri/menopausal with all the hormonal shifts causing debilitating hot flushes, nights sweats, low energy, digestive issues, mood swings, bloating, aches and pains, poor sleep, brain fog and dreaded thickening waistline often common in menopause and beyond?

Maybe you have a goal like a special event or a holiday to get looking and feeling your best?

Maybe you have aches and pains or no energy and you just want to feel well and energized to cope with your busy life?

Or perhaps you have one or some of the following medical conditions such as raised cholesterol, raised blood pressure, raised blood sugar with insulin resistance or even diabetes type II, PCOS, hypothyroidism/Hashimotos, 

OR maybe you are on medications and your Doctor has told you that you must lose some weight?

Are you confused with all the weight loss programs out there and have tried many, even resorting to shakes/ pills & perhaps even gastric surgery but the weight won’t budge or it returns?

Are you looking for a clear scientifically proven personalised nutrition plan, with quick & effective results which naturally releases excess weight?

One that outlines flexible, personal meal plans, listing which exact fresh whole foods are personally right for you (matched to your unique metabolic biochemistry, gained from a comprehensive blood test), clearly outlines how much to eat, when to eat & also teaches you how to keep the weight off?

Please note that unfortunately Metabolic Balance can not create a VEGAN plan.

Then a Metabolic Balance® personalised nutrition program is the solution for you!

Jeannette before then after having followed her personalised Metabolic Balance® plan down 17kg in 5 months in 2018!

Proud award recipient by Metabolic Balance Australia for Community Champion Practitioner 2023! Be supported by an experienced Practitioner who is passionate about the often life transforming benefits this truly personalised nutrition plan offers you to achieve your health and weight loss goals!

My Story

I too have struggled with my weight all my adult life.

I was a slim child and teenager, but eating too many treats, particularly sugar and carb laden foods finally caught up with me.

I gained weight with each child I had.

I tried Weight Watchers and would lose a few kilos but the fact they allowed treat snacks, I would go without real food just to have my daily treat!

After a major health event in 2011 and not being able to exercise normally, I commenced study to become a Naturopath which involved many hours sitting at a desk studying, so I gained many kilos more!

My weight ballooned out and I felt so unwell. I had to find a solution to my weight problem & knew that many other women wanted an effective solution too!

Many of my clients are women in mid life or beyond who list weight loss as one of their 3 main health goals! I decided to research into various proven coach supported weight loss programs.

This is how I discovered Metabolic Balance®!

After studying & training & becoming certified in this effective program, I started it myself. It was after receiving my blood test results I discovered I actually had Hashimotos (an auto-immune hypothyroidism disease). This finally explained why I had gained so much weight, had unexplained aches & pains, painful plantar fasciitis, bloating with digestive issues, cold hands/feet, anaemia, breathlessness with trouble exercising, my liver wasn’t happy (I had already had my gall bladder removed after my first child) & an inability to lose weight.

I felt like crap with no energy!

I wasn’t living the life I was meant to live!

This had to change!

Fortunately Metabolic Balance, a scientifically proven plan was the answer for me and for many of my clients!

I started my plan with the cleanse and within 3 days had lost 2.5kg which spurred me on to keep going. By the end of week 5 I had lost 7.8kg! I felt fabulous and my skin was glowing, my plantar fasciitis & other aches & pains had disappeared. I was able to go for proper walks and I was much faster now.

People were starting to notice the changes and commented how well I looked.

What was my secret they asked?

By the end of week 10 I had lost 13kg!

I was feeling the best I had in years. I was down 2 dress sizes, and full of energy. My husband actually said to me “what have you done with my wife?” as I had so much energy, which was so unlike me for many years. I continued on until I reached my goal weight, down 17kg at 5 months.

I was so happy with how I felt & looked.

I was able to buy a whole new wardrobe (dropping 3 dress sizes), I got my confidence back & I could buy nice clothes I felt good in. I had a new zest for life & one of my main goals was to be able to stand up while doing stand up paddle-boarding (before I could only kneel) & to feel good in a swimsuit again, which I achieved. See my photo!

I am so happy that I have found the solution & can now help other women who have trouble budging excess weight, whether hormonal, particularly under-active thyroid, auto-immune or other issues. I have now successfully helped many women regain their healthy weight & get their lives back too!

Let me help you get your health, energy & life back too, and finally drop those excess kilos as well!

My Personal Results

I am pleased to say that I have had great personal success with the program (with little exercise other than walking and a few exercises to strengthen muscles) and have lost 17kg in 5 months and am feeling fantastic! I have more energy to function in my busy day, I now sleep soundly, my night time allergies have gone and my skin is clearer.

Jeannette having reached goal weight & now confident to wear a swimsuit!

How does a METABOLIC BALANCE personalised nutrition Wellness & Weight Loss program work?

This very personalised nutrition program is unique to each person and no one has the same nutritional plan as they are created based on a panel of 36 blood tests (liver/kidney/thyroid/cholesterol/digestive/blood sugar function metabolism etc.).

This means maximum results for YOU in the shortest time!

Your health conditions and medications are also taken into account, along with your personal measurements, health and weight loss goals and food likes and dislikes.

Metabolic Balance has been around for over 25 years and was developed in Germany by Doctors and Nutritional Scientists to find the best way to address the metabolic syndrome and turn it around. Metabolic syndrome is a collection of conditions that often occur together and increase your risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease which present as obesity, excess body fat around the waist, high blood pressure, high blood triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, low levels of HDL cholesterol and insulin resistance. Your metabolim is unbalanced.

A healthy and balanced metabolism is fundamental to your health and vitality. The right change in your eating can bring the metabolism back to its original healthy starting position – the ultimate body reset. This can have a regulating effect on your weight and help treat and prevent metabolic disorders.

A balanced metabolism:

  • more balanced hormones
  • promotes and supports your health
  • enhances sleep, increasing vitality and performance
  • increases your resilience in your daily life and work
  • rebalances your acidity/alkalinity levels
  • helps you achieve and maintain your desired weight
  • brings renewed energy and general well being
  • improves your quality of life

Some health improvements my clients have experienced on Metabolic Balance are:

  • Plantar fasciitis gone or improved greatly
  • Better digestion with reduced to no bloating, reflux, indigestion. (some have even come of their anti reflux medications)
  • Better sleep
  • Improved skin including psoriasis, ezcema, acne
  • Improved mental health & moods as hormones & neurotrasmitters become more balanced
  • More balanced hormones, including improved menopause symptoms; even bringing thyroid back to balance; hunger & satiety hormones rebalanced.
  • More energy than they have had in ages.
  • Reduced issues with blood pressure (one client has been able to come off her blood pressure medication after 29 yrs!).
  • Clearer thinking with reduced brain fog
  • Calmer with better response to stress.
  • Reduced aches & pains
  • Reduced headaches/migraines, ome client experienced migraines gone from 4 a week to none!
  • More balanced blood sugar (particularly important for prediabetic and diabetics)
  • Allergies and symptoms reduced or gone

Don’t take my word for it – Read some of my client’s testimonials – click here!

Read what Debbie says about her review of her Personalised Metabolic Balance Program:

“Metabolic Balance is a great way to learn what foods are best suited to gaining our health back. It is simple to follow and simplifies food choices as the list is extensive, range of foods are easy to prepare and simple to follow regime. I feel I will now live my best life for the years to come. I now look forward to some great adventures!”.

Renee’s Testimonial:

“Jeannette is absolutely amazing to work with. I am so glad I found such a supportive, knowledgeable individual to help me with my journey. In 14 days I lost 4.2kgs and I never have felt better. My bloating has gone and I don’t look like I’m pregnant anymore. I have more energy, stopped napping throughout the day and feel more alive than I ever had before. It has taken years of heartache, tears, stress, doctor appointments and know I finally have all the answers I need. I just wish I found Jeannette years ago! 100% recommend, you won’t regret it!.”

The program runs over approximately 12 weeks but can be extended at additional cost of $50 per coaching consult to reach your chosen goal weight.

It includes:

  • Your 40 page personalised nutrition plan (with meal plans, shopping lists with positive mindset & mindful eating hints to achieve success),
  • 7 coaching consults with Bonus Naturopathic support (only offered by a certified trained Metabolic Balance® Coach who has nutritional training and an understanding of biochemistry processes and health conditions, as I have done in my Naturopathic studies).
     BONUS Professional Positive mindset support with FREE daily hypnosis/meditations, along with other positive mindset techniques to support you holsitically (unique, to my participants). I also offer a personalised Weight Loss Hypnosis session for amazing $60 (normally $125 for other clients to really get your subconscious mind which drives your conscious behaviours on board for success!
  • Each 45 minute coaching consult includes weighing-in with Professional Tanita Body Impedence Analysis dual scan body composition scales, body measurements, Naturopathic support and weight loss coaching the Metabolic Balance® way. I also include bonus positive mindset techniques to support your emotional/stress eating problems with various tools and techniques to help you succeed at finally achieving and maintaing your healthy goal weight.
  • I also provide a private Facebook support group exclusive to all my participants, who experience positive weight loss mindset (including help to overcome emotional eating/overeating), Mindfulness tips towards eating & your health, meal ideas & recipes, nutritional education, other relevant hints and tips and group support.
  • Bonus recipe E-Books
  • Journal & pen
  • A Metabolic Balance mobile phone app so you have your plan with you at all times.
  • Entry to Metabolic Balance Australia/New Zealand recipe group where all the other particpants share recipes to keep you inspired and encouraged on your journey.

Your 12 week program with all the standard Metabolic Balance Program inclusions, along with my unique BONUS inclusions (only offered by myself as your Coach) costs $1297. I also offer a 3 part payment plan (costs extra $50 for additional processing fees or 6 months interest free with Zip Pay (for preapproved Zip Pay customers).

Please note that your Initial comprehensive Naturopathic Consult $140 & Comprehensive blood test $159 is a separate cost which is required to create your personalised nutrition plan.

Please note that unfortunately Metabolic Balance can not provide a VEGAN plan.

I just love it when my clients get such fab health restoring and weight loss results like Ilca has achieved on her Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition plan.

Ilca has released an excess 15 kg and feeling so much better and looking fab too!

Just look at her smile and the new found confidence she has now!

Ilca says:

“My Coeliac disease has improved dramatically.
My leaky gut is better. 
My energy levels have improved. I sleep better.
Inflammation has practically gone.
Arthritis has reduced dramatically.
Hormonal cycles are more balanced.
My iron levels are now normal.
I’m really getting better and better the longer I stay on MB.

Ilca's fab results before and after down 15 kg on her Metabolic Balance Personalized Nutrition Programme

Stasia has released 27 kg in 7 months and is feeling great!

She has been able to come off her blood pressure medication and has balanced her hormones and blood sugar. She’s sleeping well and she now has lots of energy to do all she needs to!

The images of Stasia before and after – down 27kg in 7 months on her Metabolic Balance Personalised Nutrition Programme

Read more client testimonials here

Are you ready to experience this health and life changing program to achieve your healthy weight?

I’m ready to support YOU! 

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