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What Happens in an Initial Naturopathic Consultation?

Firstly I really listen to your health concerns and goals that you would like to achieve.

Then I take a thorough health history, including what has led to your current health issues. Please bring along any recent test you have had (particularly blood tests) as they may be useful in assessing your overall health picture.

A Physical assessment is then done which may include taking your blood pressure, checking fingernails, tongue and irises. These can indicate areas of nutritional deficiency or organ systems that may need extra support.

Personalised Care Plan

Once I have determined the obstructions to health I will work out a personalised care plan to help restore your health. Particularly personalised nutrition is key to success. Your treatment plan will also recommend adjustments to diet, lifestyle, environment and stress reduction strategies & may also include nutritional/herbal supplementation where necessary to restore balance to health.

I may prepare a personalised liquid herbal prescription which is unique to you and your health issues. It is great in that it can treat multiple ailments to restore health balance in one bottle. Liquid herbs are quickly absorbed and work with your body coaxing it to restore balance. Herbal formulas are also available in capsule/tablet form if you prefer.

Nutritional supplements can be taken to also help restore health where there are deficiencies or extra demands due to stress, sports, illness etc. Did you know that 70% of the population is currently deficient in magnesium! This amazing mineral is needed in many bodily processes to function.

Tissue Salts and Mineral Celloids – Tissue salts are also amazing minute amounts of minerals that affect each and every cell in the body and can safely be used by anyone.

Flower essences work on the energetic emotional level to restore balance. They are also safe for anyone to use.

Depending on how long the health disorder has been present will determine the length of time and length of treatment to restore health. Always remember that improvements don’t happen overnight! If it took a while for a health issue to occur and so it takes time to achieve positive results (roughly 1 month for every year you have had your health issue) to improve your health by following your overal plan & having return consults to check on progress & adjust prescription as required.

Please allow approximately 90 minutes for a thorough initial consultation.


Takes approx. 90 minutes: thorough health history, current health issues, interpretation of bloods and other tests, physical assessment of irises, tongue, nails etc.. research of medications and working out treatment plan
= $140

Subsequent consultations


At first return consult take up to 1 hour fully present treatment plan & goal set to implement changes to wellness & adjust after initial consult taking more than 30 mins & up to an hour = $70


30 mins for short return consults & acute conditions eg colds/flu etc. in under 30mins = $45

Please note that I do ask that if you are unwell with colds/flu etc. that we do a phone consult or online via zoom as I share a clinic with another practitioner who sees clients who may have compromised immune systems (eg undergoing chemo etc.) so would appreciate using these alternative options for your consult instead of in person in clinic. I can supply remedies with a 24 hour pick up service from my home front porch nearby. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this important matter thank you.

ONLINE CONSULTATIONS via Telehealth (Secure Video Link)

If you can’t make it to the clinic due to not feeling well or distance is an issue eg you live in regional area or you are in another state of Australia, we can meet via secure Video link for a consult at a time convenient to you during the day on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Monday  evening in the comfort of your own home. You just need an internet connection or even a phone. Click the book a consult now link to book in. Choose the online consult option and those times will only appear.

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Metabolic Balance® Wellness and weight loss Nutritional program

This is as unique as your blood test results from which a food only based dietary plan is generated. It may help get your energy back, reset your metabolism, balance hormones,  cholesterol/blood sugar levels, remove inflammation thereby allowing the body to function at its best it then releases excess weight as a side benefit! It includes 7 one on one professional support, online support group and mobile phone app.

Please book a free 15 minute consult via the book a consult to for a thorough explanation of how this effective dietary program to reset your metabolism, regain your energy, balance hormones and release excess weight works so well!

If you can’t make your coaching consult in person or you LIVE TOO FAR from Brighton or are Interstate I offer this program ONLINE via Telehealth video link  (involves you taking your own measurements and weight weekly). Firstly you have a thorough initial Naturopathic 90 minute consultation to check suitability and gain a good picture of your current health and any additional naturopathic support needed whilst doing the program (additional cost to the Metabolic Balance program of $140).  Your 12 week personalised nutritional program includes your 40 page personalized dietary plan with shopping lists, based on your blood tests and medical conditions and dietary dislikes /likes.

7 personal one on one coaching consultations where you get coached the Metabolic Balance way & measured/weighed (body composition scales).

I also provide a private support group on Facebook where I post inspirational affirmations, meal ideas, recipes and support.

Mobile phone app so your plan is with you at all times.

For around $14 a day you can experience this life changing program to feel great and finally release excess weight!

$1297 (excluding additional cost of Initial Naturopathic consult $140 and blood test costs $159). If you have recent blood tests less than 30 days old we may be able to use these instead but often it is missing inflammation markers and digestive enzyme markers which are essential to create your nutrition plan so I tend to recommend to just do the tests through me.


A 3 part payment plan is available. I currently am offering a BONUS half price ($65) hypnosis session for lasting weight loss mindset.

For more information click here to be taken to my Metabolic Balance Program page




Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) for Lasting Positive Mindset changes

Hypnosis  & other techniques helps to make lasting positive changes at the subconscious level. Move forward with your life by removing blocks to success. You are in control at all times. You are just in a nice relaxed state in which you are open to suggestions which you have agreed to prior to your session. Hypnosis is suitable for: Weight loss, quit smoking, quitting bad habits, achieving your goals and Stress Reduction. 1 hour session costs $120. You are welcome to record your session for own personal use.

500 Hair Biocompatability Analysis

500 hair biocompatability analysis is available, which removes barriers to cellular function by determining which foods and products (personal/cleaning etc.) are not compatible with an individual and therefore they should be avoided for 4 weeks. A dietary plan is provided to assist with this. By avoiding offending foods etc. the body is not so stressed and able to repair and get well. Amazing results have been achieved with this simple test only available through a 500 hair biocompatability trained practitioner. I can test a special food or perhaps your pet to see if compatible with you (thank goodness no ones pet has come back being incompatible as yet). I can also get  your dog/cat hair analysed if they are having health issues.

Find out which foods and personal/cleaning products are causing you health issues at the cellular level, such as digestive, allergies, skin – eczema/psoriasis/acne, or just poor health! A small sample of hair is sent off for analysis and a comprehensive report and diet plan provided to follow avoiding items listed in red. Amazing results have been achieved in as little as 2-4 weeks with many health issues resolving by avoiding offending foods and products. Cost $290 includes testing and 16 page report. Once results come back you have a return consult (book acute/short follow up $45)  to discuss the results and adjust your 7 day meal diary with only allowed foods and maybe add other supplements only if essential to your healing. Click here to be taken to my Hair analysis information page


Iridology is a useful too and it is said that the ‘eyes are the window to the soul’. The irises can indicate constitutional weaknesses, indicating organs/systems that may inherently need nurturing. By being aware of these weaknesses or nurture points you can support these organs and systems by removing functional obstruction and thereby improve function, restoring balance and health.   Find out your inherited tendencies and health nurture points by the colour and shape of patterns in the iris, so you can best support your current and future health. This is now only offered as part of a Comprehensive 90 minute Intial Naturopathic Consultation.

Blood/Functional Testing

Regular BLOOD TESTS as well as FUNCTIONAL blood and stool/saliva TESTS (female hormone check – including hormonal checks eg. menopause, gut health, stool/parasites, Food allergies/Food intolerances, MTHFR,  Adrenal (stress), sleep hormone, advanced thyroid check & more is available if required through I-Screen. A comprehensive report is provided by a Dr through this company to fully understand the results and what they can mean for your health and moving forward to wellness. Heavy metal toxicity hair testing (HTMA) is through Interclinical laboratories.


 Payment Options


Cash, Direct deposit, Credit Card, Zip pay.

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