I hope that you & your families are ok in this unprecedented situation we are all in?

Did you know that stress is one of the main ways to reduce our immune systems ability to fight of illnesses?

It activates the fight or flight response with our adrenals continually pumping out adrenaline & cortisol.
This in turn weakens our body’s ability to remain well

So what can we do to counteract this?

Eat a mainly wholefood nutritious diet,
limit processed sugary foods, exercise (not extreme) nice long walks outside is good, get good sleep,
meditate or listen to guided meditations (plenty of free apps to download – I like Insight timer.

Using a couple of drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow to help you sleep.

Herbal teas for immunity and relaxing/sleep are a cheap and simple solution.

Bach flower Rescue remedy available most pharmacies & supermarkets helps reduce panic etc.

Magnesium is nature’s ‘chill pill’ so make sure you take some at the moment.

Supplementing with B Vitamins help when you are stressed.

If you need a more Personalised approach I’m offering acute consults online $45 only for now and can send any herbal formulas & supplements.

I’m also Currently offering ONLINE Personalised stress reduction hypnosis sessions (special price of $100) to help you cope better at this stressful time.

Please book online hypnosis via booking link in my profile or ring 0439828669.
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