The eyes are the window to the soul! Iridology

? I ❤️ Iridology! If you have never had your irises read this intriguing modality is part of an initial Naturopathic Consult whereby certain patterns, colors and signs can indicate inherited and acquired health nurture points for you!
This beautiful iris is a fine example of signs, colours, patterns which all mean different things of significance needing interpretation & support.
? It really adds to the whole picture of what is going on for your health so that an appropriate care plan and prescription can be created to address the root cause of your symptoms.
? Usually a camera is used however I use my iPhone with a macro lens I attach to my iPhone and use a side light pen to get great photos that I can then study with you and let you know what I see and where support is needed. It can reveal many different issues such as inflammation, digestive issues, nervous system issues & much more!
? I am loving my new laptop which has a touch screen so I can enlarge and reduce the photo I send from my iPhone. It makes it so much easier to show different nuture points to my clients.
? The eyes really are a ‘window to the soul’!
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