The why behind my business name! – Balanced Health Naturally

Balanced Health Naturally

The why behind my business name – Balanced Health Naturally ?
? I chose this name because it embodies what I hope to achieve with my clients who choose me to help support and empower them back to better health with dietary/ lifestyle changes and maybe some Nutritonal/herbal medicines to coax the body back to balance ?
? We are all so rushed and stressed these days with all the commitments we have – our partners, children, work, parents, friends etc. with this stress brings ‘dis-ease’ to the natural balance our body is meant to have!
? Our bodies have an innate ability to maintain homeostasis which means health or wellness ? but due to the way we eat particularly if it is not nourishing our bodies enough, lack of exercise and fresh air and being present, the environment (personal care/ cleaning products/ WiFi radiation/ chemicals, pesticides, herbicides etc. all impact our bodies ability to detoxify and regulate itself for balance and wellness.
? We need to take a good look at how we are living and treating our bodies.
? Balance is achieved when we address all these issues and eat to nourish or bodies so they function effficiently and thereby reward us with good health.
? We need time to just be present in the moment to reduce our stress levels. That may be exercising, out for a walk in fresh air, meditating etc. along with avoiding environmental toxins. Choose organic or clean foods and products.
? I can support and empower you to achieve this as I have done myself. It is possible to restore balance for a healthier,happier, more energy filled future where you feel great and you live your life to the fullest!
? The butterfly is a symbol of transformation so that is why I chose it as part of my logo to symbolize the transformation of restoring your health can bring ?
? If you are ready to make the changes required to restore your health for good energy and to feel great please book in for a FREE 15 minute phone consult to find out how I can help you. Booking link below ?

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