Could your symptoms be due to a thyroid imbalance?

Below are diagrams which outline typical hypothyroid (underactive symptoms) and hyperthyroid (overactive symptoms).

This little butterfly shape gland sits on your trachea but has a very important role in making our thyroid hormone which controls our cellular metabolism in the body.

Disruption to our thyroid can come about from stress, toxins in environment such as plastics and perfumes and other hormone disrupting chemicals including fluoride.

An imbalance of the HPA axis (hypo pituitary adrenal) can mean an imbalance of another hormone eg adrenal, sex hormones or thyroid and can impact on the others, particularly during the change into menopause.
I see quite a few ladies with thyroid issues at this time of life.

I myself, was diagnosed in 2018 with Hashimotos hypothyroidism (autoimmune version) after feeling pretty damn awful, lacking energy, cold at times, breathless due to anaemia, I had put on a lot of weight, was puffy and inflamed looking, had painful plantar fasciitus, heart arrythmias. I’m thankful to say that after following my own Metabolic Balance personalised Nutrition Plan and taking some nutritional and herbal supplements it is now in remission (normal autoantibody levels, no more plantar fasciitis, now at a healthy weight and I feel and look so much better.  This insiduous health issue often goes undetected unless thyroid autoantibodies are requested when doing a thyroid blood test.

It’s important to know if your hypothyroid symptoms are caused by autoimmunity as dietary factors like avoiding gluten, processed foods and sugar is essential to assist recovery as the gut (leaky gut) is involved with any autoimmune process and needs addressing to help heal it and reduce autoimmune antibodies. These pesky little things actually turn your body against itself and actually damage the organ affected, in this case the thyroid gland. 

Along with thyroid supporting nutrients such as selenium (crucial for the conversion of t4 (inactive form to t3 active thyroid hormone form) and often depleted with thyroid imbalances it is one of the essential nutrients to aid recovery.

Vitamin D is also essential and often low when testing is done. 
Iodine, Zinc, vitamin C, Magnesium etc. are other required nutrients.

The ability to lose weight can be affected if you are hypothyroid so make sure that is ruled out.

Seen in the other diagram is levels of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) which is all that is typically ordered in a regular blood test and if within the vast range of 0.5-5.0 considered to be functioning ok by Drs.                    However as Naturopaths we know that anything over 2.0 may indicate a labouring thyroid which definitely needs support with the above nutrients to aid recovery and restore balance.

If you think your health issues may be due to a thyroid imbalance I can help get things sorted and working well and empower you to take control of your health so you feel well again with the above treatments and simple lifestyle dietary changes. I have recently completed extra Certified ‘THYROID RECOVERY’ Practitioner training  under a top Australian Naturopath so that I can now provide the best strategies and support to get your thyroid working optimally again and get you feeling well to live your best life possible! Book in for a free 15 phone consult to find out how I can help you via the book a consult button. 

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