Do you suffer from anxiety?

Do you experience anxiety?

Just lately I have been seeing a few clients presenting with anxiety.

This may have been brought on by the recent situation over the last 3 months & particularly working from home for many was stressful with never ending emails, zoom meetings, deadlines & little to no breaks in the day.

For some anxiety is a daily occurrence.

I’ve experienced it before when my Hashimotos was at its worst.
It’s a horrible feeling of being out of control & not being able to relax, often accompanied by a doom & gloom feeling.

But there is plenty you can do to help alleviate it!

There may be another reason for your anxiety such as a thyroid or sex hormone imbalance, too much activation of the fight or flight response is also another reason.

A variety of areas need to be addressed Naturopathically.

Firstly make sure you are eating a healthy whole food diet.

A good B vitamin (activated) formula will help you cope better.

You also need to address any gut imbalances (often a good proobiotic) as 70% of your neurotransmitters (feel good hormones) are made in your gut!

Then there is magnesium!
This super powered mineral is known as ‘nature’s chill pill’.
It’s so important to get a highly absorbable form which can effectively help many systems in the body such as our hormones, but here it’s also very important for the nervous system.

Practitioner only supplements are backed by studies for effectiveness & safety. Don’t waste your money on lesser products which may be a bit hit & miss for effectiveness & your Personalised health issues. I have my favorite effective ones that I stock & use all the time as I know they work!

Along with the above general natural medicine suggestions a Personalised herbal tonic can help to alleviate symptoms greatly.

A Personalised herbal tonic can have a tremendous benefit on the nervous system to balance and calm down feelings of anxiety. Passionflower, oats, lavender, chamomile & beautiful Withania (Ashwaganda) are favorites I may use. At the same time I can address other issues which is why I love herbs. It’s a solution to many health issues in the one bottle 🙏.
If you would like a custom Personalised solution taking into account your health history, current symptoms, along with physical naturopathic assessment (including iris, tongue, nails) to your anxiety, reach out & book a FREE 15 minute phone consult chat or if you just want to get started feeling better book an intial naturopathic consult. (Book now button is in my profile).
Let’s get you feeling more in control and calm so you can live the life you are meant to!

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