Eat well on your Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition plan!

You can eat well on a Metabolic Balance Personalised nutrition plan!

Here one of my lovely clients Jan just shared with me her yummy grilled shaslicks and eggplant which was her lunch today. Good source of protein is key to each meal! Also starting with one or two bites of your protein is one of the 8 key rules to success on this easy to follow Personalised plan.
No one has the same plan as we are all unique and have different hormonal, metabolic issues going on so your plan is created just for you from your blood test which tests 51 key parameters of your metabolic biochemistry!
This means it targets resetting your unique metabolism and hormones for optimum health and reaching your ideal weight!
Jan has done really well and released 15kg in 4 months and now knows what foods are best for her and has become a habit she will take with her in her maintenance phase where she will learn to find out which new foods are ok to reintroduce and which really don’t suit her unique biochemistry!
This is your optimum nutrition plan for life to relax a little and maintain your ideal weight for life!
Well done Jan! 👏👏👏😊
If you would like to experience this effective program to feel great & reach your healthy weight book a free phone consult (link in my profile). 🙏

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