World thyroid day

World Thyroid Day!
This little butterfly shape gland sits on your trachea but has a very important role in making our thyroid hormone which controls our cellular metabolism in the body.
Disruption to our thyroid can be caused by stress, toxins in environment such as plastics and perfumes and other hormone disrupting chemicals including fluoride, viruses, lack of thyroid supporting nutrients & the most common reason Stress!
An imbalance of the HPA axis (hypo pituitary adrenal) can often mean there is an imbalance of another hormone eg adrenal, sex hormones as thyroid can impact on the others, often seen during the change into menopause which I see in quite a few clients.
I myself have Hashimotos hypothyroidism (autoimmune version) which often goes undetected unless thyroid autoantibodies are requested.
Its important to know if its autoimmune as dietary factors: avoiding gluten, processed foods and sugar is essential to assist recovery.
Along with thyroid supporting nutrients: selenium (crucial for the conversion of t4 (inactive form to t3 active thyroid hormone form) is one of the essential nutrients to aid recovery.
Vitamin D is also essential and often found to be low when testing is done.
iodine, Zinc, vitamin C, Magnesium etc. are other required nutrients.
The ability to lose weight can be affected if you are hypothyroid.
TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels is often all that gets ordered in a standard blood test and if within the vast range of 0.5-5.0 is considered to be functioning ok. However as Naturopaths we know that anything over 2.0 may indicate a labouring thyroid which definitely needs support with the above nutrients to aid recovery and restore balance. Also ft3,ft4,rt3 also need to be ordered to get the full picture of what is actually going on, particularly if symptomatic.
With my additional thyroid recovery training I can help you to get it working bette so you feel well again with the above treatments and simple lifestyle dietary changes.
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