I’m having a thyroid flare up!

Well I’m paying for eating some gluten on the weekend! 😢
As you may know I have Hashimotos which is an autoimmune condition which gives hypothyroid symptoms but is actually caused by the immune system attacking the thyroid tissue & stopping it from functioning normally.
On Saturday I ate 2 slices of yummy rye sourdough bread with walnuts and blue cheese. Then on Mother’s Day I had a slice of carrot cake all purchased from our local bakery. 😋
You can see in my photo that there is swelling around my eyes the day after eating the bread and then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & eveb today I am having what is known as a thyroid flare up! I’m achy & stiff, eyes still slightly puffy & I feel less energy and a bit dizzy at times. It’s getting better each day thank goodness!
I have eaten an anti-inflammatory, gluten free for the past 2 years following my Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition plan, (followed strictly for 5 months & lost 17kg, then relaxed it gradually) with only having the absolute special occasion birthday cake slice etc. which my body could tolerate.
I can see I have now pushed my body a little too far this time 😢.
The reason you shouldn’t eat gluten with an autoimmune condition is that it’s linked to the gut where it can cause a condition called leaky gut!
This means that the nice little tight junctions of the villi are weakened and let undigested proteins, such as gluten etc. into the blood stream and our immune systems mounts an attack on it! 😳
Fortunately the gut is amazing and given the right conditions the tight junctions & villi repair themselves in as little as 5 days 😳👏🤩.
It’s a little complicated to explain but is very important to avoid ongoing damage to our gut as it’s core to our wellbeing!
Ever heard the saying by the wise man Hippocrates –
‘good health begins in the gut!’
Anyway I’ve learnt my lesson and I’m supplementing with an antioxidant formula with selenium & other nutrients to reduce inflammation & reduce toxicity to my thyroid.
I noticed I felt better within a couple of hours of taking the first capsule.
I’m also taking some beta glucan (from Shitake mushrooms) drops which help to modulate the immune response. 🙏 I also need to take some gut repair with probiotic to help the gut heal again.

So thankful I have all these natural medicine tools to bring me back to balance again 🙏❤️
I’ve learnt my lesson!

If you have a underactive thyroid you are quite likely to have the autoimmune version Hashimotos too as 70% if hypothyroidism is caused by this.
You may also have experienced this happen to you when you eat gluten.
There is so much that can be done to get you feeling great again & with my additional thyroid practitioner training I have all the tools to help you be the best version of YOU again! 🙏🤩

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