Why do I feel like crap when I’m told my blood tests are all fine?

This is a typical question I hear in my clinic often from my clients 😢

Unfortunately blood test ranges are based on healthy 20 yr old males so as females with fluctuating hormones and likely to be middle aged (as are a lot of my followers on this page are) this is not going to give an accurate range for us.

So what is to be done?

Well I take a close look at your blood test results. Apart from sex hormone imbalances which will require specific tests I often come across some anomalies which indicate lack of nutrients or toxicity in the body.

In the case of lacking energy it could be low iron, low B vitamin or magnesium levels which are quickly depleted due to stress, or adrenal fatigue caused by stress, or an under-functioning thyroid (you would be surprised how often I uncover this!).

The TSH range for normal thyroid function is 0.5-5.0
As a Naturopath we are taught that any TSH over 2.0 is actually subclinical hypothyroid (in other words a labouring thyroid that’s still chugging along but not as well as it should be.

There are many reasons for this but viruses, stress (a big one), toxic personal/ cleaning products or exposure to herbicides/pesticides are also reasons for your thyroid not working well.

Also does your body have autoantibodies attacking the thyroid such as inHashimotos and causing it to cease functioning normally?

Your thyroid needs an array of nutrients (cofactors) to make the conversion of inactive t4 to an active form t3 that can be used by the cells of the body.
If you supply the correct nutrients and also selenium in particular, along with removing the above mentioned barriers to it functioning it is possible for your thyroid to restore function itself!

It doesn’t always mean your only option is to be on thyroxine for life!

I take a look at your diet. Is it full of whole fresh foods or lots of snacks and processed foods and sugar ( a great energy zapper) or too much alcohol?

It is possible to turn it around!

If you would like some help and support to turn of around by addressing your diet and lifestyle, Nutritonal deficiencies I am here for you.😊

Why not book in for a Free 15 minute phone chat (booking options in profile)or just book in for an Initial Naturopathic consult to find out how I can help YOU! Can phone 0439828669.

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