What’s all the fuss about personalised nutrition? What is Metabolic Balance? ‘Simple blood test could help millions of Australians lose weight!’ As seen on channel seven national news this week Nationally

This is the unique and personalised Nutritonal Programme I offer – Metabolic Balance has finally hit the news 2/9/19 tonight!
It’s just the best!
Restore your health, wellbeing and energy & reach your healthy weight! 🤩
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Unfortunately the reporter got some information wrong. – Congrats to clinical Nutritionist Katie King, being interviewed and sharing some wonderful clients results. Katie is just one of the certified Metabolic Balance practitioners here in Australia that offer it. Also It was actually developed by Dr Funack in Germany 25 yrs ago based on scientific studies to find the best way to reset the metabolism, rebalances hormones, improve energy, reduce inflammation and release excess weight 🤩.
I am only one in 3 of the qualified Naturopath/Nutritionists practitioners in Adelaide that have been trained & certified to offer it in person at my clinic in Brighton and also Online for those that live too far away! I have personally achieved great results with a loss of 17kg & successfully helped over 35 women acheive their health goal! Let me support you too!

(Click on link below to watch the segment that was broadcast) https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/food/diets-can-be-tailored-using-blood-tests-personalised-nutrition-advocates-say-c-431579?utm_campaign=share-icons&utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&tid=1567690579525



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