Tracey’s great results on her Metabolic Balance personalised Nutrition program

I feel like I’m living now!”

Congratulations to Tracey who has released almost 10kg in 11weeks from following her Metabolic Balance Personalised Nutrition Program. 👏👏👏🤩.

Tracey says:

“I haven’t been able to lose weight in 5 years due to thyroid, age & Metabolic problems.
I am so pleased to have met Jeannette who has helped me step by step to get where I want to be”.
I am “very, very pleased so far”.
“Within 2 weeks I felt like all my joint pain, which I thought was old age at 47, was melting away.
My aim was to lose weight but all my other symptoms like tiredness, aching joints, anxiety, low energy are disappearing. It’s great!
I don’t want to go back.
When I feel like going back to bad habits I remind myself how I don’t want those symptoms back.

I do feel like I’m living now!

Thanks Jeannette for your help, knowledge, & patience with me on this journey”.

If you have thyroid or Metabolism problems this will help you achieve a healthier, slimmer you along with feeling much better with less aches and pains, more energy to live the life you are meant to live!
If you need support to reach your healthy weight or to just feel your best please book in for a Free 15 minute phone consult to have a chat with me. I’m offering FREE Bonus hypnosis session to start off with positive mindset to achieve your weight loss goals from the outset. Book via booking link in my profile.
It’s your time to focus on YOUR health and wellness! 😊
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